Creating Compelling, Interactive Presentations in PowerPoint


Product Available Date: 2018-05-10

Thursday, May 10, 2018 | 1:00pm-2:15pm Eastern Time

Trainer: Neil Malek, Principal, Knack Training

Learn how to plan and create a PowerPoint presentation that speaks to the audience. Successful presentations should deliver the critical information in a natural and engaging way. Adding navigational tools like hyperlinks can make the presentation feel conversational – even improvisational – which increases the likelihood the audience, or boardroom, will engage with the content and retain what they’ve heard. See how clickable items, interesting transition and animation schemes, and segmenting the presentation into logical chunks make it compelling for the audience, while keeping it easy for the presenter to deliver.

Topics include:

  • Creating hyperlinks for navigating to relevant information as questions are asked.
  • Leveraging Morph, Zoom, and other transition functions to create a ‘big picture’ slide.
  • Building charts and diagrams one piece at a time to clarify the message.
  • Using hidden slides and Speaker Notes for more robust details on any topic.

Bonus Handout: 1. Understanding Audience and Story for Business Presentations 2. Building Presentations with Organic Navigation 

Hot Tip:  Build a slide with more details that you don’t plan on showing unless you’re asked a specific question. Then, right-click that slide and choose Hide Slide. At any point, right-click and choose the hidden slide from the list, and you can show the slide that answers the question.  

Continuing Education Credits: This session is eligible for .1 CEU (one credit hour). 

  • Identify and analyze the risks and desired outcomes for any conversation.
  • Use a powerful step-by-step process for effectively deciding when, where, why and how to hold a difficult conversation.
  • Utilize effective techniques for managing their emotions.
  • Employ simple guidelines for avoiding the conflict and confusion that arises from unclear messages.
Recorded Date: Thursday, 10 May 2018