Empowerment: Don’t Wait for It


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If others get the assignments and recognition you'd like to have or their ideas are accepted more than yours, if you have been waiting for someone to tell what a great job you are doing, if you wish you felt confident enough to speak up—register now for this webinar!

Organizations are more successful when their employees are empowered. And so are you. Too often, we give our power away or wait for others to "give" it to us. We blame others for our dissatisfaction when we generate the greatest roadblocks ourselves.

It's surprising what you can accomplish you take control of your mindset–and when you silence the nagging voice in the back of your head that says "you can't do it." Taking responsibility is the beginning of empowerment; self knowledge and information are a good foundation.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Identify the characteristics of empowered behavior that you can use right away.
  • Eliminate the mental roadblocks holding you back.
  • Discover the essential building blocks of confidence, so others see you - and you see yourself - as empowered.
  • Explore the negative language and thinking that stops us from taking charge and from attaining what we most desire.

Bonus Handout: 12 Steps to a More Empowered, More Productive, and More Satisfied YOU

Speaker: Dawn Brackett is an international keynote speaker and transformational coach. Dawn has spent over 20 years coaching and helping executives, senior management, and middle managers transform their relationships with their teams as well as their own leadership style. She does this with a highly-engaging, no holds barred, humorous style, getting the message across powerfully and from the heart. She is able to connect with audiences immediately and deliver tools they can use with their staff right away. Dawn has discovered that true leadership, requires an inside-out approach. Based on her work with Fortune 100 leaders, Dawn is currently finishing a book summarizing the tools need to be a successful leader and mentor.

Hot tip from Dawn: To get that project or assignment you really want, you need to speak up and ask for it. State why you are the right person, what the results will be and how your boss or organization will benefit. Get your level of authority clear: What tasks should you handle on your own and only inform your manager? What things need to be reviewed and approved? How does your manager want to be kept informed and how often? What are the expected due or completion dates?


January 9, 2014

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