Fix That PowerPoint! How to Make Any Visual Presentation Better


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Fix that PowerPoint! How to Make Any Visual Presentation Better

When you support executives, you are likely to receive lots of PowerPoint presentations that are “stitched” together by various departments.  As long as they jam all the content in, they think they are done.  We know better! To make the content presentable to the board or others in your organization, you have to a lot of “fixing” first.

This Webinar will cover the most common problems and fixes that will make the presentation presentable. They will think you waved a magic wand! You will learn shortcuts to applying your marketing department’s approved templates, how to make the presentation portable so there are no surprises, and quick tips to make the whole PointPoint show more polished and professional. 

What you will learn:

• The secret to saving templates so they are easy to apply
• How to make the presentation optimized for the web
• How to ensure the look is related throughout
• Quick tips to teach the boss for when presenting
• How to make videos play right the first time and much more!

Bonus Handout: “9 ½ Design Tips from the Pros.”

Here’s a HOT TIP that you can use right away!
Marketing sends you the latest official PowerPoint template.  It’s easy to create a new a new presentation with it, but what about those older presentations? You don’t have to copy and paste.  Instead open the new style presentation and go with the Design tab. Save the theme. Now, open an old style presentation and click the new theme you just saved.  Voila! The new theme will appear in the presentation. (There are some caveats when using this, but it will be explained in the webinar).

Presenter Biography:
Lori Coffey (aka "Trainer Lori") has a unique ability to explain the most complex computer concepts in fun and memorable ways. With 16 years of training experience, she creates and teaches information packed sessions and Webinars that allow people to function better at their computers. She is known as "Trainer Lori" on YouTube, reaching thousands around the world with easy-to-understand videos. Lori is highly skilled in teaching computer skills in a friendly and engaging manner.


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April 20, 2015

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