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You can simplify your professional life by understanding the fundamentals of Microsoft’s Excel and applying it to a myriad of daily business and personal needs.  In the early days, spreadsheets were primarily used for financial information and calculations.  In modern times, Excel is also used to address things like tracking permanent or portable business assets and compiling employee preference information.  You’ll find Excel to be a versatile and valuable tool that will improve your personal productivity and increase your contribution to business success.

Becoming familiar with and removing some of the mystique of Excel will help you to be more confident applying the power of spreadsheets.  Once you are familiar with the layout and capabilities of Excel, you’ll discover countless professional and personal applications for this simple-to-use tool!

If you’re not comfortable with Excel spreadsheets and would like to understand the fundamentals, or if you’d like to know more about the expansive capabilities of Excel, this webinar is for you!  In the webinar you’ll learn, and you’ll be able to apply:

  • The layout, functions, and terminology used in Excel
  • Navigation through the Excel menu tabs and commands
  • Effective and efficient data entry techniques
  • Editing and formatting your data for effective presentation
  • Inserting, moving and deleting spreadsheet content
  • How to incorporate and integrate information from other locations and sources

Biography: Since the early days of VisiCalc and Lotus 123, Bud Hartley has been using spreadsheets to keep track of things and analyze information.  He began using Microsoft Excel in the days when the “friendly paperclip” danced across the page of the Microsoft Office tools asking if help was needed.  As the old expression goes “we’ve come a long way”.  After a brief career as a cook in restaurants Bud spent 36 years working for IBM where he held a number of clerical, administrative, technical, sales, marketing, and management positions.  He retired from IBM in 2003 and began consulting with businesses and individuals to help them improve their professional results and personal productivity.  Bud is a strong believer that we should all simplify our lives and let the tools do the work so we can have more fun.  He has found that Microsoft Excel is a great resource for keeping track of things and helping with difficult decisions.  One of his favorite questions is: “What problem are we trying to solve?”  Bud resides in Portland, Oregon and when he isn’t teaching and consulting you’ll most likely find him volunteering at a rescue and recovery center, riding his bicycle, or tending the garden.      

Bonus Handout: Fundamentals of Microsoft Excel – Basic Skills and Sortable Lists.  Note: This is a 36 page step-by-step guide with screen shots of Excel worksheets to illustrate the basic functions.

Hot Tip: There are three common file extensions for modern Excel files:

  • XLSX = The most common (This replaced the old XLS)
  • XLSB = The file is stored in binary format and is used for large compute-intensive spreadsheets.  It performs the calculations faster than the standard XLSX format.
  • XLSM = Be careful with this type!  This format is used for spreadsheets that contain computer programming.  Since the programming is very powerful, you should only open these files if the source can be trusted.

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January 28, 2016

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