How to Give Feedback that Works and Take Criticism with Grace


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Few of us like to receive “constructive criticism,” yet we all need feedback to understand how we are doing—and how we are perceived. It’s also essential to provide feedback to those we work with, particularly when we see a need for improvement (whether interpersonal or task-related). Learn the eight steps to delivering feedback to your team and colleagues. Discover how to frame your conversation so others will “hear” you and cooperate. Feedback is also about appreciation and reinforcement so we’ll talk about how to give—and—get those positive strokes.

This webinar will help you to learn:

  • How to prepare to give your boss feedback
  • 6 techniques for responding when you feel criticized
  • Strategies to overcome defensiveness
  • When and how to give praise that others value

Bonus! All participants will receive the Non-Defensive Communication and Tactful Responses hand-out.

Here’s a HOT TIP from Lorinda: When you have a criticism to communicate, be tactful and supportive, and defuse defensiveness by using the "sandwich" technique. Layer your criticism between two pieces of positive feedback. Register for this webinar and get more valuable strategies to help you walk away with better outcomes when dealing with touchy conversations.

Biography:  Lorinda Lewis loves to facilitate learning and "to challenge thinking so that learning happens." She has been an onsite business trainer and facilitator for over 18 years, with considerable experience in business communication, management, and leadership skills. Lorinda hones her skills with a career in sales, management, and training with General Mills.

Over 200 of your colleagues attended this session at the 2014 Administrative Professionals Conference. Here’s what they had to say:

  •  “Great session and energy!”
  •  “Lorinda captures the feelings and expressions spot on when she narrates scenarios. I learned a lot.”
  •  “Fantastic presentation; insightful and great sample take-aways I can apply immediately.”  


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November 24, 2014

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