It's Not Just a Job! How to Build it into a Satisfying and Rewarding Career


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Have you ever caught anyone (or even yourself!) saying, “They’re just an admin!”? If you’ve ever wondered how you can have more influence and impact at work, make your job more fulfilling for the long haul, and find ways to keep your mind more active, your work more interesting, and your personal rewards more gratifying, this webinar is for you! Sandy has combined 18 years of administrative experience, plus 15 more years of entrepreneurial success, to put together lessons learned and easy-to-implement tips on how to turn any job into a satisfying and rewarding career.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Way to exert more control over your own destiny at work.
• Tips for helping others recognize the full value of what you offer and do.
• Ways to gain satisfaction from your activities and ideas, even if your leader doesn’t recognize or acknowledge them or act on your ideas and suggestions.
• 3 mistakes Sandy learned and how to avoid them.

Bonus Handout: Chart Your Path to a Rewarding Career! Your personal “roadmap” to career fulfillment and success.

Hot tip: Don’t wait for “permission” from anyone to take your next personal step. If you want or need more training and your leader (or company) won’t provide it for you, stand out from the crowd by getting it yourself. When you show a willingness to invest in your own knowledge and advancement, people notice and are much more willing to invest in you in the future. Besides, if they don’t, you will never hurt yourself by growing you knowledge and skills… and who knows when a new opportunity will open up for you as a result.

Biography: Sandy Geroux, Owner/Founder, Geroux Performance Group, A National speaker, author, and trainer, Sandy Geroux is a former administrative professional turned award-winning realtor, business consultant, and successful entrepreneur. Sandy combines real-world experience, entertainment, and engaging training techniques to help diverse audiences think more proactively and innovatively to create successful, engaged, and inspired workplaces(WOWplaces™) that achieve the highest levels of employee and customersatisfaction, loyalty, and success. Her programs are inspiring and overflowing with practical ideas, tips, and tools to help attendees create more engaged and inspired environments in which to achieve their personal and professional dreams.


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May 19, 2015

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