Mastering the Art of Minute-Taking


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Most administrative professionals have been asked to take meeting minutes at some time. Yet most of us never had formal training in minute-taking. The practical tips and proven tools you'll get from this minute-taking expert will boost your confidence and competence immediately!

Does the thought of taking minutes conjure up feelings of fear and dread? Do you pass on career opportunities because minute-taking is a requirement? Are you in a job where you take minutes often, but it still causes you stress? The best way to get past the fear of taking minutes is to learn to do them well--when you do so, your confidence will soar!

The ability to take good minutes and reduce your stress starts from the time a meeting is announced. Understand your role and how to work closely with the person conducting the meeting. Learn how to begin your notes before the meeting starts and what you need to do to follow-up afterwards in order to meet and exceed expectations.  

In this session you will be provided with tools to make your minute-taking experience more successful such as:

  • Based on the type of meeting, know what to include and what to leave out of minutes
  • Get tips on what to do before, during, and after the meeting
  • Ensure quality notes with proven guidelines and checklists
  • Explore techniques and language to make the job easier

BONUS: The 10 page guide, Tips and Tools for Masterful Minute-taking includes templates that you can take back and use in your own office, plus a "cheat sheet" that summarizes the information learned and provides language to crib from will also be provided.

"This webinar provided practical, useful information from someone who is experienced. This was not just about rules, but a real how-to. Great information. Having the notes and references is a great asset to this presentation."
Lorraine James



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November 21, 2013

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