Exceptional Value! Performance Booster Pack: Regain your Sanity, and Improve your Planning, Minute Taking and Project Management Skills

Get 4 webinars to power your performance to the next level all year-round with these amazing, professional tools and tips!


Supercharge your productivity skills and save a bundle with this On-Demand Performance Booster Pack

These 4 on-demand webinars are designed to help you crush your 2016 performance goals and increase your professional value.  Each webinar in the package is presented by a professional trainer and has been rated "Excellent" by past participants. Each 4-webinar Booster Pack is $299 (save over $95!)

  • Avoid Workload Avalanche: Smart Ways to Regain Sanity: The avalanche is here! Join this webinar to learn to prioritize tasks and effectively deal with information overload, set smart goals, gain insight into why multi-tasking is a time-waster, understand how to use your conscious and subconscious to work smarter, not harder, and much more! BONUS: You'll receive 2 handouts to help you boost your efficiency skills as well as the full PowerPoint deck!

  • The Proactive Admin Professional:  How To Stop Playing Catch-Up and Stay 2 Steps Ahead of the Game: There’s never enough time to complete all of your daily and weekly tasks. We’re always reacting and playing catch up! In this webinar learn what being proactive really means and why it’s vital for your career success, 5 components for building your proactive skill set, strategies you can use daily for predicting, planning and prepping for the future challenges that will come your way and how to practice proactive career management. BONUS: You'll receive 2 handouts Proactivity Self-Assessment Tool” and “Developing the 5 Key Elements of Proactivity” as well as the full PowerPoint deck!

  • The Admin's Guide to No-Sweat Minute-taking: As one of our most-popular ASAP Webinars of all time, this Webinar will provide the top tips for any minute-taking situation! You’ll learn tips on how to prepare so taking minutes will be easier and less stressful, what you should and shouldn’t capture, words and phrases to save you time, and the specific differences between formal and informal meetings and minutes. BONUS:  Get the “6 Proven Minute-Taking Templates” handout to use in your office as well as the full PowerPoint deck!

  • Managing Projects: Apps and Aptitude for the Admin Pro: Don’t just ‘deal’ with an endless ‘To-Do’ list! Tackle it to make it manageable using Microsoft Office and other applications as project management tools! Learn the principles of project management, coordinating the efforts of others, leverage Outlook for creating a project plan, manage time with Excel’s date and time features, and much more! BONUS: Receive a handout packed with the trainers Project Management Guidelines as well as the full PowerPoint deck!