PowerPoint 2: Building a Compelling Presentation


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In this 'Learn It On-Demand!' Webinar, even experienced users will learn how to make presentations better! It's not just about the buttons to push, but how to design compelling presentations. First, learn how to make the information flow so others will understand your point. Then you will learn the best tools for making the presentation interactive. Lori will teach you the secret to keeping viewers engaged.

You will learn:

  • The difference between creating a show and creating a memory
  • Linear and non-liner designs explained
  • Three keys to creating powerful shows
  • The five best ways to arrange your presentation 
  • Sharing your information: six important slides
  • What to do when your audience already knows the topic
  • How to transform any presentation into an interactive demonstration

Speaker: Lori Coffey, IT Trainer
"Trainer Lori" Coffey has a unique ability to explain the most complex computer concepts in fun and memorable ways. As an award-winning writer in public relations and marketing, she mastered the nuances of the computer. Today, with 15 years of training experience, she creates and teaches information-packed sessions that allow people to function better at their computers. She is known as TrainerLori on YouTube, reaching thousands around the world with easy-to-understand videos. Lori is highly skilled in teaching computer skills in a friendly and engaging manner. Enhanced by her sense of fun and encouraging manner, Lori’s presentations communicate information in language that we can all understand and in a way that has lasting impact.


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November 22, 2013

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