Quick Strategies for Boosting Focus and Concentration


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Between being bombarded with information every day, increasing responsibilities, pressure on the job, and the rapid pace of change in today’s workplace, it’s no wonder we feel distracted, scatter-brained, unfocused, and forgetful at times. Here’s help!

Do you find concentrating an impossible task most days? Does thinking about your “To Do” list make it challenging to focus on what needs to get done now? The good news is that this session provides proven strategies to sharpen your focus and concentration.

At the end of this Webinar, participants will walk away with: 

• An understanding of why concentrating is so difficult in today’s workplace; 
• Three tactics for minimizing distractions; 
• Three techniques to promote integrative brain thinking, and
• Five ways to calm your mind.

Speaker: Wendy Woods, Principal, Watershed Training Solutions
Wendy Woods is Principal of Watershed Training Solutions, a dynamic training company she founded in 2003. Her areas of expertise include stress management, productive teamwork, and effective communication as well as many other critical workplace skills. Wendy's years of hands-on business and adult education experience, complemented by an M.B.A. and Certificate in Adult Education, provides her clients with productive and profitable results. Wendy is also an active member of the Strategic Capabilities Network, as well as the International Psychology Association.


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November 20, 2013

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