The Art and Science of Communication


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Have you met people who are consistently able to get what they want when others can’t? Communication is a powerful art form that can help you deal with anyone and lead you to the type of long-term career success that you desire. Improve your visibility, credibility, and reputation. Use these proven techniques to immediately boost your rapport and influence--and make yourself an indispensable assistant!

Here's what you will learn in this special webinar:

  • Key strategies that lead others to see you as a great communicator
  • How to master your communication style and boost your visibility, credibility and likeability
  • Determine the amount of your social capital learn how to leverage it to enhance your reputation
  • Discover how being a powerful communicator can lead to a unique and satisfying career

Bonus Handout: 60 Minutes to Powerful Communication

Hot Tip from presenter Pamela Green: To be perceived as more confident and influential, talk lower. That is, lower your pitch (not your volume.) Studies show that professionals whose voice is pitched lower have greater credibility.

Biography: Pamela J. Green is an engagement strategist, decisive thinker, and innovator of "Resourceful Leadership," a leadership technique that makes performers WANT to take responsibility for their problems, performance, and job satisfaction! Pamela has been featured in a multitude of media outlets including HR Magazine, SHRM Online, Associations Now, Biz Summits, The Columbus Post, The Network Journal, the Los Angeles Business Journal, and


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September 17, 2014

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