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Administrative professionals play many different roles, most of which involve taking care of other people in one form or another. It can be draining. So who takes care of the caretaker? YOU DO!

The word ‘energize’ means “to give energy to…” The first key to reducing stress and becoming positively energized is to recognize where your energy is going now and identify where you'd rather channel your energy. What drains most of us is not so much the tasks that we are assigned but rather negative thoughts and frustration over someone else’s behavior. At the same time, we don't take the time to do those things that would nurture and motivate us. In this Webinar, learn how to turn negative stress into positive and productive energy by:

  • Identifying where your energy is going
  • Adapting healthier self-care habits to stay physically and emotionally energized
  • Using a four-step process to setting respectful verbal boundaries with ease
  • Learning a 3-minute revitalizing ENERGY break

P.S. Positive or negative energy is contagious. Get energized and become positively contagious!

Speaker: Cindy Kubica, President, Studio 10 Productions, Inc.
Cindy Kubica is a stress expert, whole health energy coach, and the host of the Energized Living Today telesummit series. As a speaker, Cindy helps audiences across the country and internationally to understand the link between stress, the mind, the body; and how it influences behavior, productivity, relationships, energy level, and ultimately, our health. Cindy is the author of two audio books; In Search of Normal: Moving Life from Chaos to Clarity, and Fit to Communicate, Strength Training for Your Attitude; and three bound books, Career Compass for Women, I Want a Love Story to Happen to Me, and Motivation: Up Yours, Here’s How.

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November 20, 2013

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