Website Content 101: Simple and Free Tools To Create, Edit, and Update Web Pages


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You don't have to be a web designer or coding expert to post on the web! Expand your skills with easy-to-use tools and simple techniques for creating or editing web content. Web design, posting new information, and editing web pages can be really intimidating, especially with all of the acronyms and jargon. But, these are value-added skills for the Administrative Professional. We'll start from the beginning, and help you understand what all of it means.

Whether you're tasked with updating a company website or intranet site, or you're putting together a more professional online presence for yourself or your boss, the tools to work with websites are available and free. In this "website 101" webinar, we'll discuss the technologies of the web - HTML, CSS, and JavaScript - and show how open source software can create these things automatically for you.

In addition, we'll demonstrate how to construct a professional online presence for the individual. Topics include:

  • Understanding Web Technologies
  • Choosing and Using Web Text Editors
  • Uploading Content to the Internet or Intranet
  • Building an Online Presence

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About Neil Malek: Neil Malek is the Principal at Knack Training, a software and professional development training and consulting company. For the last twenty years, Neil has worked with universities, governments, non-profits, and Fortune 100 companies to identify and close skill gaps.

Here’s a HOT TIP from Neil: To set up your computer with some of the best free tools around, without all of the bloatware, adware, and other assorted junk that’s always added to our computers, try out the website Simply click the checkboxes for the free software that you want to install, and push the Get Installer button. Within minutes, you'll have open source tools for creating documents, spreadsheets, presentations, websites, and much, much more.

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February 20, 2015

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