What Makes Us Tick? How Can We Click? Working Well Together


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No matter how low the morale or how high the stress level, it's possible to work well together. We can't change other people. What we can do is adjust the way that we think and interact in order to deal with them more harmoniously. This Webinar is all about understanding what makes us and the people around us tick so we can then find a way to click. Find the best techniques for dealing with different types of people-many of whom are our opposites-and to create a win/win work environment where we are not at odds.   

Explore the "Three R's, Plus One": 

   * Rally around a common goal to help everyone get what they want (need-leading people to stop complaining about problems and start seeking solutions)
   * Rise above petty things to focus on what matters most - including doing the right thing, at the right time, in the right way
   * Relate to and appreciate workers with a different work style and approach - get the most out of them and ourselves in the process
   * Respect: how to get it and when to give it

Speaker: Lee Silber, Founder, Deep Impact Training
Lee Silber is a former surf shop owner who went on to become the best-selling author of 15 books and an award-winning trainer. Yet, Silber is best known as "The Idea Guy" and his ability to come up with solutions "at the speed of thought". He helps employees do more (and be more) with less stress through innovative thinking. His latest book, The Wild Idea Club encourages Administrative Professionals to work together to come up with new and improved ways to meet challenges. Audiences love Silber's unique stories, his use of humor, and focused approach to problems—as well as his use of music, magic, and multi-media to make his point and create lessons that last a lifetime.


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November 22, 2013

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