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Which Type of Training Event is Right for You?


June 15, 2021

Virtual, In-Person, or Hybrid?

As we all try to find our new normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, training events continue to grow in availability and format. For most of 2020, the only option we had was virtual training and even those were limited. Now, as the world begins to open, we are finally able to gather again. Training shows your initiative to excel in your profession, not only to your current employer but to yourself and any other potential employers. With so many administrative training and certification programs out there, ASAP wants to share some insight on each of the types of training formats currently available. 

On-Demand Webinars

ASAP offers reasonably priced and free webinars in a variety of formats. One of those formats is on-demand. On-demand webinars typically include an hour of training (power point presentations or live demos) followed by the 15 minutes question and answer portion that was recorded from the live event.

There is a free webinar sponsored by GrubHub Training that explains the transition from virtual training to hybrid training events. It includes directions on how to provide meals to your virtual attendees. The Do's and Don'ts of Venue Booking discusses the issues you need to consider when trying to book meeting venues. With over 1,200 sessions to choose from, you can find the training you need at a time that’s convenient for you.

In-Person Training Events

Education from leading trainers in the administrative profession, networking with peers, testing out new products and visiting a new place. These are all reasons hundreds of thousands of people attend training conference in-person each year. While some of the education can translate onto a virtual platform, the experience is not the same and will not convert. Attending in-person training events enable you to expand your professional and personal development by gathering with peers to learn, discuss challenges, share and create new ideas, and ignite motivation.

In September 2021, the Administrative Professionals Conference and Executive Assistants Summit will take place in Chicago, IL. This in-person conference offers attendees the ability to customize their time with over 75 different training opportunities, across 5 learning tracks. In addition to APC & EA Summit, ASAP is launching its newest conference in November, EA Ignite. This in-person training event offers 2 ½ days of innovative session styles to help senior-level administrative assistants and executive assistants learn new techniques and technology needed to advance their knowledge base. EA Ignite will focus its training on 3 areas identified as most important for EAs and senior-level admins: technology, project management, and leadership. This conference is limited to around 250 attendees to ensure quality peer networking is a leading benefit of the event.

As in-person events begin again, capacities will most likely exist, and parts of the experience may feel different. But the opportunity to step away from your home or office and focus on your training and connection with peers, will allow you to return better informed, more creative, more efficient and a better problem-solver. Not sure how to start the conversation with your boss? ASAP has a tool to help you. Share with your boss how this is the training you need. 

Hybrid Training Events

Live Webinars

With monthly new live webinars announced on the ASAP site, there’s no shortage of live educational events year-round. Each live webinar includes an hour-long training event followed by a 15-minute Q & A. Ask your questions to our professional trainers or listen in and benefit from the questions your peers ask. Shared hybrid training is proven to help attendees learn through the inquisitiveness of others.

Virtual Events

During the pandemic, all industries saw a rise in “virtual events.” What most have probably come to experience is a variety of meaning behind the term virtual. So, what really is a virtual event? Having run various formats of training events in 2020, ASAP treats them as events that contain pre-recorded training sessions with live Q&A and virtual networking sessions programmed throughout the event. If an event only contains pre-recorded webinars, it’s just a full day of on-demand webinars pre-selected for you.

The opportunity to connect with others either through Q & A post-session or through Zoom breakout rooms is what makes virtual events truly hybrid (and not a day filled on-demand webinars). Interested in learning more about virtual events? Check out APC Virtual or ASAP’s Virtual Meeting Best Practices download to learn more about virtual events.

Live Stream

In addition to live webinarsASAP has announced a Live Stream pass for their Administrative Professionals Conference. The Live Stream pass will allow you to tune in to all three keynotes, a curated selection of sessions, featured sessions and networking events. Additionally, you can bundle your Live Stream pass with the Virtual pass and gain access to the full-day virtual training event in November for a discounted price! The Virtual pass will provide you with a full day of educational sessions and networking events. Bonus, you will also get on-demand access to the educational sessions for 30 days! Stressed about having to travel or needing to be in your seat for the entire event? Then this hybrid option is right for you!

The executive and administrative assistant roles have changed a great deal in recent years. The basic duties of answering the phone, typing up meeting minutes, and managing schedules for their boss are still required. But today they are also asked to produce and review reports, answer and send emails, and keep their executives informed and on project schedules, communication and more. Administrative professionals need to be at the top of their game to do their job well, and that requires training and certification. ASAP makes the training available so you can make it happen.


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