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Fireproof Your Career: Breakthrough Success Strategies

What can you learn from the world’s most successful professional brands? Steve Harvey, Richard Branson, Ellen DeGeneres, and others have three things in common: 1) They leverage their market value; 2) Their career options have grown, and 3) They’ve created professional longevity.

Learn how to leverage the same strategies as these highly influential professional brands and achieve the success you desire in easy to apply steps! If you are unsure how to fully leverage your key talents in your organization, then join Pam as we walk through how you can make significant career shifts without leaving your job.

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Time-saving Tips for Taming Monster Documents

Admit it. You dread projects that result in monster documents that are hundreds of pages long or include complex tables and images. Whether your nemesis is tables, formatting, revisions, images, or indexes, we’re here to help! 

Are you tasked with producing multi-page, multi-section, multi-author documents? Does it feel like you’re climbing a steep cliff every time that you do one? Let Microsoft Certified Trainer, Melissa Esquibel show you how to tame the monster document using some of the more robust features of Microsoft Word.

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Create Interactive Forms with Adobe Acrobat

This 'Learn It On-Demand!' Webinar will show you how to unlock the power of Adobe Acrobat and create interactive forms – never have anyone tell you that they can’t find a form or that it’s “in the mail.” Adobe Acrobat is the path to the future!

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Fix That PowerPoint! How to Make Any Visual Presentation Better

When you support executives, you are likely to receive lots of PowerPoint presentations that are “stitched” together by various departments.  As long as they jam all the content in, they think they are done.  We know better! To make the content presentable to the board or others in your organization, you have to a lot of “fixing” first.

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