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Why Talking to Your Team About Difficult Current Events is Worthwhile

When major current events in the world are occurring, the last thing you may think of doing is talking about it in the workplace, especially if you are directly affected by these events. Furthermore, as an employee, when current political events seem to be happening more than ever, focusing on the task at hand can seem nearly impossible. This is why open dialog between workers and managers can be beneficial.

How Personal Should Your Relationships with Colleagues Be?

Forming bonds with colleagues and coworkers is only natural since so much time is spent together. This may help your work performance since you may find yourself more enjoyable. However, this could cause conflicts in some instances. Different workers prefer other work relationships, so assessing your connection with colleagues is important.

3 Technical Writing Tips

Best practices when it comes to administrative professionalism are constantly evolving. The principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion also have a significant influence on those changes. If you are wondering how all of that impacts the way you communicate, look no further. Here are three key technical writing tips I want to share with you that can help.

Tips for Overcoming Procrastination

Former admin Madison Horn is an expert at overcoming procrastination both in her work and in her life. She provides a few tips and tricks to help you overcome procrastination, and use it to your advantage.

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