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Got Grit: Do You Have What It Takes to Power Through Failure?

Unfortunately, failure can have a powerful effect on people. When we take a braver more ferocious approach to our failures, we win. We muster up the confidence to correct the occurrence and move forward with fortitude, purpose, and stick-to-itiveness to follow our passion and goals. Don’t close the door to your failures. Learn from them and power on with these proven strategies.

Decluttering Your Digital Life: 7 Tips for Executive Assistants

With some simple steps, you can declutter your digital life. Prioritizing mindfulness over your digital fingerprint will allow you to stay focused, engaged, and grounded. The amount of content we engage with on a daily basis, both professionally and personally, can be a bit daunting if we don't keep it in check. These 7 tips will help you regain control of your digital life and avoid unnecessary distractions throughout the day.

8 Soft Skills You Need to Succeed in the Office

Landing your dream job and being successful at it are two different things. While you may have the competence and know-how to perform your duties, you also need soft skills to excel in the workplace.

Ideas for Styling Pictures: How to Make Your Pictures Look Better and Stand Out

Learn all the exciting features of photo editing and how to make the most of a so-so image!

Join Nancy for an insightful talk on how to project a positive image and mean it!

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