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Employee Engagement

We’ve long since left the era when employees were likely to be “lifers” working their entire careers with a single employer. The new norm is that many people will change their employers almost as frequently as some change their hair color. Do you have positive things to say about your organization?

Top Google Calendar Tips to Implement Now

Google Calendar has become a leading professional calendaring tool. With millions of users across the globe, Google Calendar is a great scheduling and time management tool for creating events, scheduling appointments, setting goals and more. Check out these top tips now!

Learn the New Exciting Formulas Found in Excel 2019 & Microsoft 365

Learn about IFS Function, SWITCH Function, TEXTJOIN Function, XLOOKUP Function, and more!

Tips for Microsoft Teams Meeting

Struggling to keep up with the Microsoft Teams updates? Join Melissa Peoples to learn how to schedule a Teams meeting like a pro!

Our weekly Coffee Breaks are a great way to connect with admins from around the world. Whether you want to chat about the struggles (and joys!) of working from home, changes in your role/industry, or discuss life lately, there’s a community here for you.

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