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Holiday Bonus: How to Secure It This Year

As the holiday season slowly approaches, many employees may be wondering whether or not they’ll get that bonus this year. Holiday bonuses are an excellent incentivizing strategy, and they certainly increase productivity. This is your year! Here’s how to secure that holiday bonus this season, and get acknowledged for your hard work.

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Communication Problems in the Workplace: How to Address Them

Communication problems are inevitable. As human beings, one thing’s for certain: we’ll have to face communication mishaps at some point. The workplace is no different. If you’ve found yourself in a sticky situation at work or otherwise, there’s no need to fret. Here’s how to address communication issues diplomatically.

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Creating a Shared Vision for Your Team

In the field of administrative professionalism, we often hear of the importance of things like… conscientiousness, team work, collaboration, listening, communication, and so on. All of these things feed into the category of creating a shared vision. If you are not already thinking of how to actively do this in your workplace, then you should be! Here’s how.

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Best Places to Find FREE PowerPoint Templates

Listen as PPT expert Camille Holden reviews the best places to find FREE templates.

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