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Natural Characteristics of
People Who Will Thrive in
Office Assistant Jobs

More often than not, office assistant jobs, whether personal, administrative, executive, or other, are an ESSENTIAL cog in the machine that keeps a business working. Basically, all the responsibilities of keeping an organization, organized is too much for any one person to handle. That’s where assistants come in.

Do You Want to Be a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant?

There are so many different things to handle in the administrative business world. Meetings, travel, inboxes, leadership duties, not to mention keeping up with managing your personal life. Oftentimes, leaders in the business world employ an assistant, whether it’s for them personally or to handle more clerical tasks in the office. Before you go out and apply for an assistant position, it’s important to know the difference between personal and executive assistants.

Tips for Transparency

A transparent person is one who is authentic, honest, straight up, and not hiding who they are. Technically, it is the quality of being easily seen through. Being transparent in either the workplace or in your personal relationships is a desired skill for your employer and a valuable gift for those you are in a relationship with.

Struggling with Career Advancement?

Join former admin April Stallworth as she gives you a series of tips in advancing your career.

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