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ASAP recognizes that being an administrative professional is more than a job. Earning your PACE certification enables you to demonstrate your depth of knowledge, expertise, and commitment. It positions you as a highly credible professional who is serious about your career in the administrative field. Professionals who earn their PACE are statistically more in demand by employers, giving them an edge in hiring, compensation, and promotions.

What You Will Learn

  • Interpersonal Communication: You’ll learn about persuasion, negotiation, business writing, confidentiality, and communication styles.

  • Task & Project Management: This course will cover the best ways to move projects and tasks forward, manage time, plan and host events and meetings, coordinate travel, manage email, and maintain virtual and in-person workspaces.

  • Computer & Internet Technology: Ensure you’re on top of critical digital communications and tools by learning about key hardware and software, productivity tools, online research, security, and networked computing.

  • Management Skills: Guiding others is a critical skill for every upwardly mobile admin professional. That’s why you’ll cover vision, delegation, leadership styles, motivation and performance, decision-making, and team dynamics.

Skills You Will Gain

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Task & project management
  • Event & meeting planning
  • Video conferencing
  • Virtual office management
  • Leadership
  • Business writing
  • Internet security
  • Problem solving

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What to Expect

This four-course certification program is offered through our online learning platform. Upon enrolling you will have one year to take the courses, study the materials, and pass the exam. You’ll be able to access each course and all study materials through our easy-to-navigate E-Learning Center.

Additionally, your enrollment in our certification program includes:

  • Sample study schedule
  • How to prepare for taking the exam
  • How to build or join a study group
  • Practice exam

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PACE is comprised of four courses

Interpersonal Communication

  • Components of communication, persuasion, and influence
  • Effectively voicing ideas, opinions, and objections
  • Relationship and conflict management
  • Elements of exceptional business writing
  • Confidentiality and ethics in a support role


Task & Project Management

  • Principles of project, task, and time management
  • Strategies for managing some of your most common and complicated projects and tasks, such as event and meeting planning, travel, and email
  • Valuable tools and best practices for managing your physical and virtual space


Computer & Internet Technology

  • To effectively communicate with IT teams using effective terminology
  • Video conferencing best practices
  • Business trends in data storage, AI, IOT, Extended Reality, and robotics
  • Basics of software suites and licensing, operating systems, and cloud storage
  • Proper use of technology, intellectual property, and copyright guidelines for using web content


Management Skills

  • How to think critically, solve problems effectively, and make decisions efficiently
  • How to improve quality while maintaining productivity
  • Techniques for leading and getting results from others



Each course includes:

  • Detailed study guide
  • Sample exam questions
  • On-demand training videos
  • Practice exam



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Chrissy Scivicque, PMP, PCM


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