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ASAP's Mission

The American Society of Administrative Professionals (ASAP) is the world's leading association for executive assistants and office support professionals.

With 90,000+ members and growing, our mission is to provide the latest training and resources to the administrative profession. We offer a highly engaged and global platform for admins and EAs to connect, develop skills, and earn recognition.

ASAP advocates for the value of the administrative profession and provides role-specific training through the Administrative Professionals Conference, EA Ignite, PACE certification, webinars, courses, and more educational resources.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a global leader in the training and conferences industry, Diversified Communications recognizes its responsibility to drive discussions and actively advance the principles of racial equality, social justice, and inclusion. We believe that our communities are richer, stronger, and more dynamic when they are diverse, equitable, and welcoming.

Our Commitment

  • Acknowledge that change begins from within. We will educate ourselves to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion. We will be staunchly anti-racist, pro-LGBTQIA+ rights, and accommodating to all abilities and circumstances. We will stand against bias, intolerance, and discrimination of any kind.

  • Foster work environments that are welcoming to and inclusive of everyone. Employees will feel comfortable and represented at our offices and events. Equitable opportunities for success will exist for everyone. We will actively recruit candidates of diverse backgrounds to broaden and strengthen our employee population.  

  • Ensure our external work reflects our beliefs and our mission. We will position our marketing to represent our diverse industries and customer base. We will foster diversity, equity, and inclusion discussions at our events and within industry associations.

  • Create community partnerships. We will actively partner with community organizations who lead the way in social justice work to affect necessary changes where we work and live.

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