Maintaining Your PACE Certification


PACE holders keep their certification active by maintaining their expertise through continuing professional education. You will maintain your certification continually through the PACE Learning Management System, accessed through your My Account button. To recertify, PACE holders must earn 2.4 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) every two years by completing 24 hours of education or training in each two-year period. Every two years you will need to process your recertification documentation and pay the recertification fee. 

We encourage you to enter activities in the E-Learning Center (under "My Account") as they are completed so you can continually track your progress. It is the responsibility of PACE holders to keep track of their continuing education hours and, at the end of the two-year period or when they have reached 2.4 CEUs, submit their documentation with the recertification fee to ASAP. If you participated in webinars or conferences with ASAP (i.e., the APC), you will have the option to select those events in the tracking tool. You may also manually log other professional development activities or trainings done outside of ASAP, and include their details for approval. 

Keep in mind: One full hour of training is equal to .1 CEUs. Annually, that’s equivalent to 1.2 CEUs/12 hours if you choose to balance the 2.4 CEUs equally. CEUs above 2.4 may NOT be carried over past the two-year period. Partial hours unfortunately are not eligible for credit, per our governing certification body. Therefore, a 90 minute webinar may only be logged as .1 CEU. A four and a half hour training may only be recorded for .4 CEUs. 

Recertification proves to your supervisor, your colleagues, and most importantly to yourself, that you continually strive to stay abreast of changes in your industry and to maintain your expertise. 

ASAP requires members to maintain copies of proof of completion for EACH activity/training, should your documentation be audited. ASAP audits 30% of submissions in a randomized fashion. Members will be contacted directly in writing if they are selected for audit of their activity verification documents. If no documentation is available, please be prepared to submit a written report or complete a quiz if requested.

Recertification Fee

Members pay a $75.00 fee for each two-year recertification cycle. (Please Note: This fee is for recertification only. To enroll in the PACE Certification program, click here.)

Pay My Recertification Fee

Recertification Deadline

Your recertification deadline date is the anniversary date of your PACE certification.

What Qualifies?

ASAP awards CEUs through the national credentialing body, the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. To be eligible for CEUs, training activities or classes must offer a minimum of 60 continuous minutes of education. Training topics must be directly relevant to skills and knowledge necessary for administrative professionals’ and executive assistants’ success, and content must be related to the four PACE proficiency modules that were tested on the PACE exam:

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Task and Project Management
  • Management Skills
  • Computer and Internet Technology

Examples of appropriate and relevant ways to earn PACE CEU credit:

  • Conferences and workshops
    • Attending the annual Administrative Professionals Conference (APC) and/or Executive Assistants’ Summit will earn between .5 and 1.6 credits depending on that year’s program and what you select. It is possible to earn a year’s worth of CEU’s by attending the APC.
    • Attending the Pre and Post Conference Workshops at the APC will earn .3 credits for a half-day and .6 credits for full day
  • Webinars and online on-demand training
    • ASAP live AND on-demand webinars earn .1 credits for each webinar
    • Lorman live and on-demand PACE-credited webinars earn .1 credits per full hour
  • College or university courses
    • Completing college courses – directly related to your profession and to PACE competencies – will earn 1.0 CEUs per completed course awarded a C+ passing grade or higher.
  • Training classes through your company or a local provider will earn .1 credits per hour. Industry-specific training that advances the admin’s expertise (and relates to a PACE proficiency count; organization-specific training e.g. company orientation or company policies and procedures do NOT count.
  • Adult education classes provided in your local community – directly relevant to your profession and to PACE competencies—earns .1 credits per hour. Example topics would include Excel, PowerPoint, Communication Skills or Business Writing.
  • Successfully achieving another professional certification during the renewal period and after achieving your PACE.
    • MOS Master or Expert= .5 per certification.
    • CAP = 1.6 CEU. Please contact us for other certifications.

What will not count?

  • Anything completed outside the two-year renewal period
  • Networking, receptions, lunch periods or breaks
  • Training or education under an hour or a partial hour.
  • Partial Hours: for our certifying body, training has to be in 60 minute modules so unfortunately partial hours don't qualify. Example: if you attend a webinar that is 1 hour and 15 minutes, you may submit for .1 CEU (or 1 clock hour).
  • Classes, courses, sessions, or motivational speeches that lack educational content OR that are not relevant to the profession or to PACE competencies.
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