2022 ASAP Advisory Board


We are so happy to introduce our ASAP Advisory Board!

Earlier this year, we reached out to APC Advisory Council members and PACE Ambassadors with the idea to create an ASAP Advisory Board. We felt this community needed a board of peers who could advise on and contribute to, the training and education ASAP provide. ASAP could not be more excited to collaborate with this group of talented and devoted individuals!

If you are interested in becoming a board member, we welcome you to complete a quick applicaiton here: Advisory Board Application

Janine Bennett, CNS Healthcare

Janine Bennett

Customer Service & Recipient Rights Supervisor

More info coming soon!

Meloni Carter, Amazon

Meloni Carter

Strategic Executive Administrator

2022 Focus: New procedures for travel planning and management

Elijah (Tony) Crawford, DC Homeland Security And Emergency Management Agency

Elijah (Tony) CrawfordElijah (Tony) Crawford

Public Affairs Specialist

2022 Focus: Helping staff manage burnout and leading a balanced wellness program

Nancy Eyles, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Nancy Eyles

Executive Assistant II

2022 Foucs: Learning new procedures around bringing international visitors back to the office 

Alesia Gibbs, The Saint Paul's Baptist Church

Alesia Gibbs

Administrative Services Manager

2022 Focus: Adjusting to my new role as a manager in a mega-church environment vs. the corporate business world with new hybrid work arrangements.

Peyton Greenfield Ticknor, Target

Peyton Greenfield Ticknor

Senior Administrative Assistant

2022 Focus: Learning how to operate in a hybrid work enviroment and interact with people face-to-face again! 

Jeffrey Howell, U.S. Special Operations Command

Jeffrey Howell

Sr. EA to the Acquisition Executive, EA to PEO Services

More info coming soon!

Kendra Kocher, Sierra Nevada Corporation

Kendra Kocher

Sr. Manager, Corporate Administration

2022 Focus: Putting together administrative guidelines and workbooks around career development for organization 

Lisa Kohl, Procter & Gamble

Lisa Kohl

Senior Administrative Specialist

2022 Focus: Advancing my technology skills needed to setup meetings in our new hybrid enviroment  

Michelle Kovacs, Grainger

Michelle Kovacs

Sr. Exec. Asst. to Chairman & CEO ABP BRG President

2022 Focus: Continuing to enroll staff in the PACE program and developing a robust on-boarding program for our adminsitrative staff so there is consistency across teams

Cindie LaForce, US Air Force National Guard

Cindie LaForce

Executive Assistant

More info coming soon!

Shelley Marshall, DOT, NHTSA

Shelley Marshall

Program Assistant

2022 Focus: Return to office procedures as well as mastering Power BI reporting 

Larae (Rae) Morlan, First PREMIER Bank

Larae (Rae) Morlan

VP of Administration

More info coming soon!

Sonya Ponds, Voice of America, US Agency for Global Media

Sonya Ponds

HR Workforce Support & Development Specialist

More info coming soon!

Stephanie Powley, Seer Interactive

Stephanie Powley

Senior Business Support & Community Manager

More info coming soon!

Jerri Price, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Jerri Price

Business Officer

More info coming soon!

Marie Scannell, Johns Hopkins University

Marie Scannell

Executive Assistant to the Dean

More info coming soon!

Jaimie Schauf, Colorado Mountain College Foundation

Jaimie Schauf

EA to VP

More info coming soon!

Nakia Whittaker-Woody, Amentum

Nakia Whittaker-Woody

Facilities Coordinator at Altria Client Services

More info coming soon!

American Society of Administrative Professionals

Producer of

APC  EA Ignite