Nine Strategies for Sustainable Career Growth

November 1, 2023


A clipboard with the words "career growth" on it is displayed on a desk surrounded by a keyboard, mouse, and green plant.

Undoubtedly, three of the most critical roles within many organizations are executive assistants, office managers, and administrative assistants.

These roles are designed to ensure that every department works efficiently and the organization is successful. If you’re in one of these roles or working towards them, we invite you to learn about the best ways to champion your career growth.

Administrative Assistants: Champion Your Career Growth 

The opportunities for growth in the role of an administrative assistant are virtually limitless. As you navigate your passions and discover your strengths, consider the following actions to drive your career forward. 

Volunteer Your Time

To grow in your current role, volunteer to help with tasks and projects that interest you. You’ll find that volunteer opportunities allow you to meet other people in the organization, grow your skills, and discover your passions in the workplace. 

Advocate for Professional Development 

As a busy administrative assistant, making time for your growth can be challenging when you wear so many hats. Sit down with your manager, discuss your goals and interests, and make a plan for your development so it remains a priority. 

Pursue Certifications and Continuing Education

As you advocate for your professional development, research the most applicable administrative assistant certifications and ongoing education that will help you flourish.

How Office Managers Can Take Control of Career Growth Opportunities

For many, the office manager role is appealing because it can lead to so many other career opportunities. Office managers are critical thinkers, people-focused, goal-oriented, and excellent communicators. Here are some more ways you can continue to grow and advance your career in this field.

Develop a Personal Brand

What do you stand for as an office manager and a person? What qualities and skills do you want people to associate with you? This is all part of your personal brand, and establishing it can help you define your career path.

Leverage People Management Skills

Some office manager roles involve managing other team members, including administrative staff. People management is an incredibly valuable skill in any position. Take the time to hone this ability so you can apply it throughout your career. 

Be Open to Inter-Departmental Transfers 

Many office managers opt for lateral transfers to other departments to learn how various teams operate. If you’re open to working in Marketing, Sales, Operations, or any other department, express that to the company’s leaders. 

Executive Assistants: Craft a Tailored Career Growth Plan 

Take the following steps to improve valuable skills for career growth as an executive assistant. Whether this role is the position of your career or you’re just passing through, these are relevant and important qualities to have in any role. 

Prioritize Networking

Networking is a way to stay top of mind when roles that you qualify for open up. Having contacts within your organization and the business community is a wise move throughout your career, regardless of whether you’re job searching or not.

Follow the Trends

Staying up on the latest in the industry is a foolproof way to add value to leaders and your organization. From the latest AI tools to applying market trends to forecasting, EAs who can provide innovation will continuously grow. 

Ramp Up Your Tech Skills 

Take it upon yourself to streamline outdated processes or test new platforms to improve organizational productivity. Doing so shows your initiative and understanding of the business, which only adds to your value as an EA. 

Take Control of Your Career with ASAP

Regardless of your role, your career opportunities all depend on the work you put in today. Education, networking, and skill-sharpening are all critical to career growth, and it all starts with you.

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