A Guide to Using Grammarly AI Tools to Boost Administrative Performance

September 16, 2023


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The latest buzzword in the world of administration is AI – and for good reason! By harnessing the power of AI, you can take your career to the next level. With the right AI tools, you can automate mundane tasks, make decisions faster and more accurately, and save time for more critical projects. 

Are you looking for where to start? In this article, we will explore how Grammarly AI can give your career and your company the boost it needs.

Grammarly AI (also known as Grammarly Business) may be a great way to start exploring what AI can do for your writing and your career. From natural language processing to built-in editing, Grammarly AI tools can open up a world of possibilities to make your job easier and more rewarding. Let’s dive in! 

What is Grammarly AI? 

Grammarly AI is a powerful software application that uses artificial intelligence to automate enhanced writing skills and provides valuable assistance to administrative assistants. This tool can streamline workflow, enhance productivity, and improve decision-making. 

Grammarly AI utilizes AI communication assistance while incorporating the learned knowledge of your particular business over time. It can help you create professional and polished documents, fine-tune email responses, ensure prompt and professional communication, and save you time. 

Overall, Grammarly AI empowers administrative assistants to work smarter, not harder. It reduces repetitive tasks and increases efficiency. 

With Grammarly AI as your partner, you can focus on more strategic and impactful tasks. Let’s take a further look!  

How Grammarly AI Tools Can Help Give You a Boost 

If you haven’t implemented Grammarly AI tools into your daily routine yet, it may seem intimidating. However, it doesn’t need to be! Here are some great and simple ways you can utilize Grammarly AI to help give your career a boost. 

Streamline Your Tasks

AI tools are a game-changer when it comes to streamlining tasks. These tools not only help in creating professional documents with accurate grammar and spelling suggestions but can also speed up the writing process. 

Instead of spending hours editing and proofreading, you can rely on AI writing tools like Grammarly Business to ensure your work is error-free and polished. This frees up valuable time to focus on other important tasks and projects. 

By streamlining writing tasks with Grammarly AI, you can increase your productivity, efficiency, and overall job satisfaction. 

Increase Your Efficiency 

When it comes to increasing efficiency, AI apps like Grammarly are a game-changer. These AI-powered tools can handle automated editing, pre-thought drafting of emails and letterheads, and more. 

It helps you perform simple tasks more swiftly and with ease. This offers the potential to save valuable time and energy. 

With AI apps such as Grammarly, you can focus on more complex and strategic responsibilities. These tools not only enhance efficiency but also ensure prompt and consistent communication, leaving no room for delays or errors. 

Set Up a Brand Tone 

How about automated email responses? Would that save you time as an administrative assistant? Grammarly AI allows you to ensure all of your digital communications are written in a way that aligns with the tone of your brand. 

This helps to create accurate and personalized email and customer inquiry responses that properly represent the brand your company wants to promote. 

With Grammarly AI, you no longer have to spend hours crafting individual email responses. Instead, you can rely on the built-in app to help draft routine inquiries and provide timely and relevant responses. 

This not only saves time but also ensures consistent and professional communication with clients and colleagues. 

Create Customized Style Guides 

Grammarly AI-powered tools can also be a lifesaver when it comes to creating customized style guides. These tools can seamlessly integrate with your day-to-day email correspondence, office memos, presentations, and more. With Grammarly AI, you can easily customize a style guide that fits your personal tone and your company’s brand. 

Getting Started with Grammarly AI 

Setting up Grammarly AI for your business is easy and user-friendly. Their monthly plans vary in price depending on how many users you need to add. The basic plan starts around $15 a month, allowing up to nine users. 

However, the more users you add to the Grammarly business plan, the cheaper it becomes! For example, if you go to 10-49 users a month, the cost drops by 50 cents to $14.50 monthly. Moreover, 50-149 users a month drops it to $12.50 a month. 

Therefore, the more company employees you add to your Grammarly business plan, the better for your company’s overhead! Plus, it’s a great tool that all employees could benefit from in some way. 

Here are five ways Grammarly AI can immediately be implemented and aid all of the employees in your company. 

  1. Composing emails and memos. With Grammarly AI, you can type in a snippet or short draft of something, and it will prompt and autofill the remainder of your message. Generally, it will always autofill with professional and appropriate content.

  2. Rewriting drafts and proposals. Grammarly AI will redraft already written or received text with appropriate lengths, tones, and grammatical fixes based on the settings you preselect. 

  3. Creating new ideas. Running into writer’s block? With Grammarly AI, you can type in a simple prompt and receive back outlines, idea sheets, and brainstorm charts. Ultimately, this will help get you and your team started. 

  4. Drafting professional and appropriate responses. Save yourself and your team time using Grammarly AI to draft thoughtful and appropriate email responses with the right tone and context. 

  5. Personalizing your communications. With Grammarly AI, you can personalize your team’s settings. That way, you can ensure a preferred voice and tone come across in all of the messages and presentations your clients and colleagues receive. 

Overcoming the Fear of AI 

Are you fearful of implementing AI into your day-to-day activities? Implementing AI in an administrative role can come with its challenges. 

One of the main concerns is fear of job displacement. However, it’s important to remember that AI is meant to enhance your job – not replace it! 

By embracing AI tools, you can take on more strategic responsibilities and elevate your role within the organization. Moreover, by tackling the learning curve and adapting, you can embrace the benefits of AI and maintain your relevance in the administrative profession.

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