Admin Month Spotlight 2024: DavidAnn Johnson

April 26, 2024


DavidAnn Johnson, Administrative Specialist I to the Assistant to the President at the Tarrant County College-South Campus

For Admin Month 2024, we've decided to highlight an admin once per week for the entirety of April. Last up: DavidAnn Johnson, Administrative Specialist I to the Assistant to the President at the Tarrant County College-South Campus!

Check out DavidAnn's advice video below! 

How did you get into the administrative field and how has your role changed since being in the profession?

During my high school days, a building not far from my school caught my attention. I found myself admiring the girls who attended that school; they always seemed beautifully dressed in well-fitted skirtsuits. Intrigued, I delved into learning more about the institution and discovered it was a secretarial school marketed as a fast track to entering the workforce. Captivated by their attire and the notion of a professional career, I decided to enroll.

During my time at the secretarial school, I thoroughly enjoyed the courses and practical training provided. We were taught necessary skills and instructed on professional etiquette, emphasizing the importance of comportment in a workplace setting. Armed with this knowledge, I embarked on my career journey.

My first job as an executive secretary at a nonprofit organization was enjoyable and enriching. It set the stage for a career spanning various roles in both public and private sectors, all within the realm of administration. Each role has presented its own challenges and rewards, but the foundation laid during my time at the secretarial school has remained invaluable throughout my professional endeavors.

What is your favorite part of your job? 

My favorite part of my job is the opportunity to support and facilitate the smooth operation of the organization, especially problem-solving and contributing to the overall success of projects and initiatives. 

What are you most proud of as an Admin? 

As an administrative professional, I am proud of my ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, adapt to changes, and maintain organization in a fast-paced environment. 

How has ASAP supported your personal and professional growth?

ASAP has supported me personally and professionally by providing opportunities like the yearly conferences. It allows me to connect and network with other AdminsEngaging with other admins and learning from their inspiring stories was a motivation for me to do better and improve my personal and professional life.  

What is your professional superpower? 

My professional superpower is excellent interpersonal skills that enable me to collaborate effectively with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders. This helps foster positive working relationships and the ability to multitask efficiently while maintaining attention to detail, which allows me to prioritize tasks effectively and meet deadlines consistently.   

More About DavidAnn:

DavidAnn Dahn Johnson has worked in several capacities in public and private sectors for over fifteen years. Currently, she serves as Administrative Specialist I to the Assistant to the President at the Tarrant County College-South Campus. Previously, she worked as an Office Administrative Associate in the Department of Counseling at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) in Philadelphia, PA. She also worked as a Procurement Specialist for the Monrovia City Corporation, Executive Secretary to the Minister, Ministry of Post & Telecommunications, Secretary to the Deputy Minster, and Ministry of Commerce and Industry in Liberia, West Africa, to name a few.  

DavidAnn is currently pursuing her MBA with an emphasis on Project Management at Colorado Christian University. She holds a postgraduate diploma in procurement management from the University of Liberia and a BBA in management and public administration from the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU). DavidAnn is an energetic and goal-oriented professional who strongly desires to have a constructive influence on the world around her. She hopes to make a difference in the lives of other people, which led to her establishing a nonprofit organization (Queen Care Int’l, Inc.) here in the United States dedicated to transforming lives and giving hope to needy youth and children in Liberia, West Africa. Outside of work, DavidAnn is a go-getter and a family person with a passion for traveling, cooking, and spending time with her beloved son.  

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