Admin Month Spotlight 2024: Jessica Brown

April 5, 2024


Jessica Brown, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Director of Marketing and Charitable Operations at van der Linde Recycling & Container Rentals

For Admin Month 2024, we've decided to highlight an admin once per week for the entirety of April. First up: Jessica Brown, Executive Assistant to the CEO and Director of Marketing and Charitable Operations at van der Linde Recycling & Container Rentals!

Check out Jessica's advice video below! 

How did you get into the administrative field and how has your role changed since being in the profession?  

My start began as an entry level Office Assistant in an insurance agency at the age of 14, which led to the pursuit of my Associates degree in Business Administration in 2006. From there, I started a charitable endeavor. As the Program Coordinator, I quickly reaffirmed that support of business operations was the correct path for me. I developed policies and marketing materials, networked with local organizations to identify families in need, and learned how to manage a business in real time.

A few years later, a side venture as a home party consultant opened my eyes to my full capabilities. Within 8 months I was awarded top 3 in national sales for 2009 and the following year I was awarded top 3 national recruiter. I was then given the opportunity to work directly under the CEO as a consultant trainer, utilizing all of my past skills and learning how to develop training videos, create compelling social media content, host teleclasses, and hone my skills as a speaker at large company conferences.

Currently, I serve as the Executive Assistant to the CEO and the Director of Marketing and Charitable Operations at van der Linde Recycling & Container Rentals. In addition to serving as the senior level Executive Assistant, I have progressed into managing our assets, marketing, PR, event planning, and charitable operations; I also provide assistance with regulatory compliance, grant applications, and many more tasks upon request. In addition, I am the Operations Specialist for Pete’s Pick-Up and its corresponding Furniture Bank, managing all aspects of the business, while in my free time I am the Co-Coordinator of the quarterly Fluvanna Free Swap.

In short, mine has been a prized and cherished journey of continual learning and growth.  

What is your favorite part of your job? 

My favorite part of my job is the ability to go home at the end of the work day feeling accomplished and as though I have helped make a difference. More specifically, helping the recipients of our furniture bank pick out and load their furniture selections fills my soul in a way I cannot describe. In those moments, they are filled with gratitude and a newfound sense of hope, and my cup runneth over!

What are you most proud of as an Admin? 

What motivates me is the simple complexity of making a difference and what currently feeds that motivation is working for organizations whose care for the community knows no bounds. I have the privilege of being able to help brainstorm and execute the grand ideas that propel van der Linde Recycling, Container Rentals, and Pete's Pick-Up into the future. Every day I wake with a sense of purpose and the knowledge that I am contributing to something much bigger than myself. What we as a society and as individuals do today affects the lives of those who come after us. It matters, and I love that I get to be a part of the solution while also inspiring others to do the same. 

What is your professional superpower? 

My superpower is my ability to take on a wide variety of tasks calmly and efficiently within continuously changing environments!

More About Jessica:

Jessica Brown is a seasoned professional with a dynamic background in senior level executive support and business operation. She has an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and with her exceptional organizational skills, strategic mindset, and dedication towards making a difference, Jessica helps drive organizations forward with her commitment to problem solving and excellence.

Since 2019, she has served as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at van der Linde Recycling & Container Rentals, leading players in the recycling and container rental industries in Troy, VA . She also carries the title of Director of Marketing and Charitable Operations at van der Linde Recycling & Container Rentals, Operations Specialist for Pete’s Pick-Up and its accompanying Furniture Bank, and Co-Coordinator of the quarterly Fluvanna Free Swap. Jessica’s multifaceted expertise continues to be instrumental in steering companies and charitable endeavors towards their goals, making her an invaluable asset to the organizations and the communities they serve.

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