9 Stress Relievers You Can Swear By

May 26, 2015


1. Just say no.
When you feel wildly overextended, politely decline new tasks that are guaranteed to increase your anxiety. Additionally, separate urgent tasks from those that can wait; put those in the second category on the back burner.

2. Steer clear of problem people.
If a co-worker constantly gives you “mental indigestion,” spend as little time with that person as possible. Instead, cultivate people who make you feel good about yourself, your life and your work.

3. Organize your stuff.
Clearing your desk or your files will give you a window of time away from whatever is stressing you out. Even better, reducing the clutter surrounding you can contribute to a feeling of calm.

4. Tune out things that upset you.
Although we can’t avoid all stress, we can turn off the news; listen to music when we’re stuck in traffic; and avoid conversations about politics, work dust-ups and more that push our hot buttons.

5. Let off steam.
Talk through your issues with a friend or coworker. (And reciprocate when they’re stressed out.) If possible, respectfully communicate concerns to your boss and see if you can come to a compromise.

6. Give yourself a break.
At least once an hour, get up from your desk. Stretch. Take a short walk. Grab a cup of coffee. Chat with a colleague. Any of these actions will help you feel refreshed and refocused.

7. Look for the positive.
When facing major challenges, try to see them as opportunities for growth, rather than as obstacles blocking your way.

8. Nurture yourself.
Make time to relax—watch a movie after work, settle down with a good book, cuddle with a pet, listen to music. All these activities can work wonders, and help you face the next stressful day.

9. Laugh.
Look for the humor in whatever situation is stressing you out. Remember that laughter is perhaps the best stress reliever of all!

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