Easy Ways to Build Confidence in Others

February 25, 2014


Self-confident people tend to aim higher and be happier than people who are insecure in themselves or on the job. If you work with, are friends with, or love someone with low self-confidence, there are simple ways that you can help them build up their confidence and feel better about themselves.

Listen attentively. Don’t hang onto someone’s every word; do be interested and attentive. Should your mind wander during a conversation, the other person will feel slighted and believe, perhaps correctly, that you don’t respect them. 

Say “thank you.” Thank others whenever they do something helpful or positive. When you show appreciation for someone, you recognize their value, which in turn should increase their self-esteem. 

Praise often. A compliment about someone’s work, their help, their outfit, makes everyone feel good about themselves. 

Praise publicly. If a person does something right, say so, especially in front of colleagues or supervisors. As she hears you praise her, she’ll feel a strong sense of pride. 

Pass on compliments. If you hear something good about a colleague from a third party, be sure to let your colleague know. For instance, if someone tells you James is a crackerjack marketer, tell James, then watch his face light up.

Show confidence in others. Tell someone that you are confident of their ability, even if they’ve not demonstrated it yet. Say to them: “Planning travel for four executives may seem difficult now, but with a bit more experience, I know you’ll be exceptionally good at this.” 

Ask for help. Asking for someone’s assistance shows that you value their ability and knowledge, gives them a chance to prove their expertise, and makes them feel far more self-assured.

Let small mistakes go. When someone makes a mistake, don’t criticize. Say instead, “You’ll get it right on the next go-round.”  

Ask someone how they achieved a past success. Find out how a friend or co-worker overcame a challenge or succeeded at a past job. Reliving and relating past successes can make anyone feel good about themselves!

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