Power Tips to Get More Done at Work in 2016

December 22, 2015


Use your commute. Listen to music, an audio book, or a podcast while driving to work. On a bus or train, read, write, or listen to something stimulating. When you feel upbeat during your commute, you’ll carry that feeling into the office.

Arrive early. If possible, show up a half hour to an hour before your organization’s start time, so you can work in peace, with no distractions from emails, phone calls, or fellow workers.

Prioritize. A daily to-do list is vital to success. Update it during the day, so you’re always feeling—and being—productive.

Tackle important projects first. Always start with the most difficult project you need to complete. How good will you feel having made an immediate dent in it?

Collaborate with coworkers. You’ll be amazed at how much more gets done and how much fun you can have when you work with others.

Take short breaks. A simple walk around the office can help you throw off a feeling of being “stuck.” You’ll return to work in a better frame of mind and ready to dig back in.

Stay positive. Try to feel good at work and about work. Hang with like-minded coworkers during breaks. Avoid gossip and gossipers. The more positive we are, the more productive we’ll be!

Don’t judge. Downbeat people may be dealing with issues you’re unaware of. Instead of criticizing them (if only in your head), give them the benefit of the doubt—and free yourself up to concentrate on work.

Welcome constructive criticism. When you receive a difficult piece of feedback, think about whether there might be some truth to it. If so, consider what immediate changes you can make to improve your performance.

Don’t rush. If you need a little extra time to complete an assignment, let the boss know. Better to take the time you need and get things done right rather than redo them.

Set long-term goals. Focus beyond daily tasks. A long-term mindset will help you accomplish bigger and better things year-round!

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