Summertime Dress Code

June 17, 2014


But before you do any “shedding” think about why you chose that certain outfit to wear to the office. Remember that you still work in a professional environment, no matter what your company policy maybe.

Most of us look forward to the summer. Maybe you spent some of the winter working out, dieting, or getting yourself into good physical shape so that you could wear that new flattering outfit.  

However, here are some of the things that you need to consider for summer time dress:

  1. Tank tops – Make sure to wear a blouse/shirt over the tank top. A tank top alone can be unprofessional, besides showing far too much of what is underneath. You don’t want to look like you’re about to spend the day at an amusement park or the beach.
  2. T-Shirts – see tank tops!
  3. Dresses – There are some beautiful dresses for the summer but make sure that you have the right length and that the top is not too low. If your dress has short sleeves, wear a matching cardigan over the top, just in case you get cold in the office.
  4. Capris – These are a nice replacement to the long pants that you had to wear during the winter. Make sure that they are classy and stylish. If they don’t fit right, they make you look like you’re “running errands” on a Saturday.
  5. Footwear – this may be the hardest of all. As a general rule, don’t wear flip-flops. They look like you just got out of bed. They make noise when you walk and they give your feet no protection. Wear sandals instead, which look more professional.
  6. Toes – if your toes are going to be exposed then why not treat your feet to a nice pedicure? You don’t have to go to a professional - you can do them yourself! It is not just your toes that need some TLC but your heels as well. Nicely manicured toes with heels that are dry and cracking show a lack of attention to personal details.

Don’t forget that while you are at work you still need to be professionally dressed, no matter the season. Enjoy your summer!


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