As humans, we are complex. Learning about ourselves is a journey and it’s that journey – exploring, understanding and fine-tuning

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Executives are used to a certain level of control; that’s part of them being at the level they’re at. If you’re an executive or administrative… Read More
We’ve all experienced a conversation we’ve had with a co-worker, a boss or client that simply didn’t go well. We knew the message we wanted to… Read More

Most employees fall into one of four behavioral stereotypes, and your approach for communicating with each of them should be different. Keep these

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Have you recently accepted a new role as a supervisor, or been asked to serve as an “unofficial” team leader? Check out our suggestions

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I was chatting with a company director recently, he pointed out that many of his colleagues have no idea how to delegate to their assistants or other… Read More
It’s true: Successful teams outperform individuals—that is to say, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Team collaboration results in… Read More

A common myth about leadership in organizations is that it is based on positional power and the ability to compel others to act. While positional

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Today’s administrative assistants often work for multiple people, maybe even an entire department. They’re juggling never-ending deadlines,… Read More
As a seasoned executive assistant or administrative assistant, you know what it takes to be successful. You’ve worked hard climbing that proverbial… Read More

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