Boost Employee Morale: Five Tips for the Holiday Season

November 1, 2022


A manager congratulates his employees on a job well-done to boost employee morale.
Boost employee morale for a better team environment!

Businesses and leaders who choose to prioritize employee morale see higher rates of employee retention. It’s a well-known fact that employee satisfaction continues to be of high importance to major corporations. In a time where job stability seems more unpredictable than ever, showing your team they’re valued can go a long way. Employees want to know that they work for a company that cares. If you’re looking for creative ways to raise employee morale this holiday season, here are some helpful tips.

Ways To Boost Employee Morale: Show Employees You Care

With thousands of layoffs reaching a peak this year and more employees quitting jobs that don’t value them, the message is clear. People are no longer willing to work for a company that doesn’t appreciate their time, energy and hard work. Demonstrating your appreciation for your team will remedy the stress and uncertainty brought on by 2022. Here’s how you can extend a “thank you” to your employees as the holiday season encroaches:

  • Offer a Company Gift 

This may seem like a no-brainer but a small token of gratitude can make a huge difference. Plan for a generous holiday gift this season for all of your team members. It can be anything from a holiday care package, a personalized journal, a coffee carafe or even a box of chocolates. Whatever you choose to give your employees, make it a thoughtful one. This way, they’ll see how much their work matters.

  • Give Positive Feedback to Team Members

Plan individual one-on-one strategy sessions with team members to highlight their strengths. Perhaps ask for their feedback, offer creative ways to draw on their talents and thank them for a job well done. Studies show that when employees are told what they’re doing well, productivity increases significantly.

Not to be mistaken for “Holiday Reviews,” these meetings are set with the purpose to give and receive feedback. Reviews may seem intimidating to team members, so instead, make it an informal meeting to discuss their desires within the company. Boost current employees instead of hiring new ones.

  • Host a Holiday Gathering

Whether it be in-person or virtual, a holiday gathering is a perfect way to bring team members together. This is a time for employees to chat with colleagues, have fun, enjoy a cocktail and reflect on an amazing year. If you’d like to take this year’s holiday gathering up a notch, host it at a beautiful venue.

  • Plan a Volunteer Excursion

Nothing says “the holidays” quite like giving back to the community. Planning a volunteer excursion for the team will bring people together in unexpected ways. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, host a clothing drive or pick a charity of choice to donate to.

  • Offer Bonuses, Time-Off and Increased Flexibility

If it’s within your company’s budget, offering a gift in the form of monetary exchange certainly means a lot to employees. Take the load off of your team by giving extra PTO, giving flexibility around the holidays and offering a seasonal bonus.

Why Employee Morale Matters

Employee morale is so much more than simply keeping employees happy. It’s about creating a culture where there’s room for growth, expansion and flexibility. It’s about curating an environment where employees' needs are seen, valued and heard. Employee morale increases retention rates, productivity and overall life satisfaction. Do something intentional this holiday season to show your team you care.

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