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ASAP's Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE)

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Accountants get their CPAs, meeting planners get their CMPs, and managers get their MBAs. It's time for you to get your PACE!

Being an Administrative Professional is more than your job, it's your profession. That's why getting PACE certified is an important step forward in your career.

PACE is an accreditation that tests the breadth of your professional knowledge and qualifies you to proudly place the PACE designation after your signature. The PACE program is accessed on-line so you can prepare for and take the exam whenever and wherever you want.

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Why PACE Certification Matters for You and Your Employer



For you, becoming PACE certified establishes your credentials, and demonstrates your achievements and professionalism. It reflects your determination, your drive for continuous learning and instills a profound sense of pride.

Your employer will see you as a more valuable asset, an expert resource, and a more confident leader.

Get PACE Certified and take your rightful place at the table!


How PACE Compares to Other Admin Certifications


We heard you. You don't want a rigid, time-consuming certification program with eligibility requirements, study groups and multiple textbooks. PACE was designed expressly for today's busy Administrative Professionals. Learn more


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