Public Speaking Tips That Will Make You the Star of the Meeting

August 29, 2022


As you get closer to the podium, you start to experience knee-trembling. Your opening, which you spent hours honing the previous evening, is suddenly difficult to recall as your mouth becomes dry. Your words come out in a panicked rush when you finally attempt to speak as you stare out at the sea of unrecognizably similar features. 

You're not alone if the situation described above seems familiar to you. The fear of Public speaking consistently ranks as one of our worst phobias, surpassing concerns of heights, flying, and dying. Even if you might never enjoy speaking in front of groups, there are some easy measures you can do to feel better prepared and confidently present your next presentation and get over your fear of public speaking.

Don't Fixate on Pristine 

Your speech won't be flawless no matter how much time you put into preparation, how many times you practice it in front of the mirror, or even if you recall every word. Remember it’ll never go exactly as you planned. You could overlook one or two minor details, run into some technical difficulties, or even cite something incorrectly.

The art of public speaking is to simply take a deep breath, smile, and continue when you realize you made a mistake. If it was something extremely important, you can address it after your speech when accepting questions or comments.

Understand Your Topic 

Knowing your subject inside and out is one of the finest methods to get ready for a presentation and overcome any potential blunders. You'll feel more at ease speaking to your audience if you have a strong grasp of the subject matter, and you'll also be less likely to make mistakes. 

Once you've set a date for your presentation, you should begin allocating part of your daily time to research the subject. Think about everything, and attempt to anticipate any queries the audience could have.

Preferably, you should be the audience member who is most knowledgeable about the subject. Even if you don't believe that to be the truth, speaking with composure and assurance may be enough to mislead even your harshest detractors.

Avoid Memorization 

Don’t attempt to remember your entire presentation, however how alluring it might appear. You will eventually forget a word or phrase, perhaps as a result of your anxiety. You won't know how to proceed because your main preparation consisted of studying one extremely precise format. 

Instead, have an open mind. Create a memorizable plan that will lead you through your most crucial topics. Any particular incidents or examples that you want to use as evidence can be included.

Do It At Home Aloud 

Before the big day, try practicing your speech or presentation a few times. It would be ideal if you could locate a friend or coworker who would listen and offer suggestions. 

When you practice your speech aloud, you can hear how the words truly sound and identify any passages that need improvement before it's too late. 

It's a fantastic method to test your outline, too. You should be able to complete a practice run with minimal errors if it is thoughtfully prepared. It might be necessary to include a few extra pieces of information if you are still a bit confused.

Establish Visual Contact 

The hardest step of all maybe this one, but it will greatly improve the impact of your speech. 

Try identifying a few amiable faces if you're speaking to a large group of people. As you speak, try to maintain eye contact with the audience. If you're not glancing at your shoes or notes, you'll come across as a lot more confident. 

You may try glancing to the back of the room and shifting your focus between a few other items if keeping direct eye contact is still too daunting for you.

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