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We stand behind ASAP's products and services and strive to ensure that our customers are satisfied as well. 

Due to the nature of digital content, we do not accept returns. However, if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, please let us know as soon as possible. We access each situation on a case-by-case basis with the goal of making our customers happy. We will always do our best to resolve issues fairly and reasonably. 

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We suggest trying the 30-day trial version of the PACE Certification before purchasing to decrease the likelihood that you purchase the program and realize it's not for you. Once you purchase the program, the enrollment is transferable (but non-refundable). 

Transferring Certification:

  • The purchaser (individual or company) gets to decide who is enrolled in the programs they purchased. The purchaser is allowed to transfer any eligible program within six months of purchase.
  • For a program to be eligible for transfer, the original learner must have not finished (or attempted to complete) any final exam.
  • The purchaser should reach out to Support to request the transfer, and let us know the first name, last name and email of the new learner. 
  • The transferred enrollment "resets," - that is, the new learners gets the full year from date of assignment to take the course. 
  • Once a learner achieves certification, it is theirs to keep whether or not they stay at the company that originally paid for it. Their enrollment is considered “used" and cannot be transferred to another individual. 

ASAP Professional Membership

  • The subscription term is one-year, and we do not offer mid-year cancellations or partial refunds. If you signed up for our ASAP Professional Membership and decide it is not for you, we are happy to make a note in our records that you do not wish to renew at the end of your subscription period and will make sure the auto-renew functionality is disabled in your account. Please feel free to enjoy ASAP Professional Membership benefits until the end of your current subscription period! 
  • If you remitted duplicate payments for your ASAP Professional Membership renewal, we are happy to extend your membership by an additional year if you let us know. Alternatively, a refund can be processed.
  • If you're leaving your current field and no longer have a use for the ASAP Professional Membership, you can transfer it to the individual of your choosing. Reach out to Support with the first name, last name, and email of the person you want to transfer the Membership to, and we'd be happy to transfer it to them for free. 
  • If the ASAP Professional Membership was purchased by a company and the individual holding it has left the organization, it belongs to the company, and it is up to the company to decide whether it is transferred. If the company requests a transfer but ASAP is not able to contact the current Professional Membership holder, we will check before transferring that the Membership was purchased by the company and not by the individual. If the company can provide proof of purchase with the initial transfer request to Support, this can expedite this step of the process.


  • We do not offer refunds for webinar registrations. 
  • Regardless of whether you were able to attend the live webinar or not, you will receive the on-demand recording 2-3 business days after the live event, so don't worry if a scheduling conflict arises! 
  • If you attended a webinar and were dissatisfied with its content, please do not hesitate to reach out. Your feedback is incredibly helpful to improve our products, and we can propose an appropriate resolution. 

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