10 Tips to Help You Succeed in a Project Manager Role


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Communication is key.

Have you recently been assigned a project manager role? Managing a project from fruition to completion is an exciting task! At ASAP, we have a variety of helpful tips for administrative professionals who are stepping into project manager roles. 

A project manager role consists of leading a team through an entire project. This spans from planning and budgeting to creating, tracking, and completing the task. Here are 10 tips to help you succeed in your project manager position. 

Project Manager: 10 Tips for Succeeding

Managing a project from start to finish can be overwhelming and daunting. Inevitably, there will be bumps and surprises along the way. However, being a project manager is also a very exciting and trusted role.

Define Your Goals

Every project has an end goal in mind. The first thing to do is define your project goal(s) and ensure each member of your team knows what these are. 

Set a Realistic Timeline 

Keeping a realistic timeline is crucial to completing your project and keeping morale high while you do so. If you set an unrealistic timeline, your team will likely get discouraged. Alternatively, if you enable lengthy timelines, your team may lounge and lack a sense of urgency. 

Set a realistic timeline for your project with measurable steps and completion points along the way. 

Know Your Resources 

There are always a variety of resources to utilize as a project manager. Make a note of the personnel available to you, the office resources, meeting rooms, budgets, and third-party vendors. Utilize all of the resources available to you, while staying within your project’s budget. 

Develop a Solid Plan 

Every project requires a solid plan. Outline each step of your project, who is assigned to each portion, and what resources you need to complete each step. A solid project plan will make your role as a project manager easier. 

Communication is Key

Regular communication with your team is essential. Plan set times to check in with various team members to get status updates on their portion(s). However, be careful not to micromanage. Maintain enough communication so that your team knows you are involved and care, but also allow them to do their part once you delegate an action to them. 

Don’t Be Scared to Delegate

Delegating duties is imperative for a successful project. The project manager must be available to shift from each working part of the project. Ensure you delegate the project tasks evenly and also according to your team member's strengths.

Keep Accurate Records 

Ensure you take care to document everything you can. Keep accurate records of the project goals, timelines, and participating team members. Also take note of what is working well and what is not along the way, making adjustments as you go. 

Monitor the Progress

Don’t be too shy to monitor the progress of your project and ask for updates. Setting a timeline for check-in meetings is a helpful way to ensure you are getting regular updates on the project. You can accomplish this without being overbearing or micromanaging your team. 

Manage Your Time 

Manage your time carefully. Ensure that you set realistic timeframes for each project step, and manage your own time effectively. In a project management role, you will need to maximize your own time as well as your team's. Take time on this step and maintain it throughout the project. 

Be Thoughtful 

Be thoughtful and considerate of your team. Managing a project can be stressful. However, make sure your team knows that their work is appreciated, and their time is valued. Also, be thoughtful of their input and suggestions. 

Your Role in the Project 

As a project manager, your role in the project is to see it through from inception to completion. Ensure that you educate your team, delegate tasks, and follow up on each step of your project. This will guarantee smooth and satisfactory results. 

If you need additional advice or training, reach out to ASAP today. We take pride in educating and supporting administrative professionals in all of their roles, including in project management.

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