21 Neurobic Brain Exercises to Sharpen Your Skills at Work

September 26, 2016


Neurobic exercises are not only fun, but when you do them regularly your mind will stay nimble, you’ll be better able to remember new names and grasp new concepts, and you’ll find it’s easier to keep on top of your workload!  

  1. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth (and/or open the fridge, and eat breakfast) in the morning. 
  2. When you meet someone new, focus on them with all your senses; i.e., Jan has short brown hair, is wearing blue glasses, smells of cigarette smoke, has a firm handshake, and a low voice.
  3. Turn objects on your desk upside down so your brain sees them differently. 
  4. Write Instead of type—research shows that we remember things better when we write them out.
  5. Drive, walk, or bike to work via a new route.
  6. Learn a new language or how to play a musical instrument.
  7. Do math in your head.
  8. Try eating (and/or cooking) a new food. 
  9. If you like rock music, listen to classical, and vice-versa.
  10. Listen to music from a foreign country. 
  11. Open your house or car door without looking at your keys.
  12. Shower with your eyes closed. 
  13. Eat lunch somewhere new—at a different desk, room, restaurant or venue.
  14. Shop at a new store or stores.
  15. Shop at a different time than usual.
  16. Read a magazine you’d never thought of trying before.
  17. If you’re a runner, try yoga. If you swim, try tennis.
  18. Eat in silence, and pay attention to the taste of each bite.
  19. Exercise while inhaling a fragrance—a perfume or a spice.
  20. Try new brands of toiletries, foods, clothes, etc.
  21. Read a book aloud, slowly.

Any one or more of these exercises will get you out of your comfort zone, increase your brain power, and sharpen your abilities at work! 

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