4 Tips for Executive Assistants Booking Flights and Travel in 2022

August 29, 2022


The previous few years have been challenging to say the least in the tourism and travel industry. You might want to find some wood to knock on before I say this, but it appears like travel is beginning to return to normal. And with that business travel. 

Business Travel is Slowly Coming Back

With the travel sector recovering, there are more options than ever to modify your business travel checklist. Booking travel as an executive assistant wasn’t exactly easy before Covid, and now it definitely won’t be as there are numerous other complications to consider.

While some firms have largely escaped the epidemic unharmed, many have had to make budget adjustments to survive. As a result, planning travel as an executive assistant may differ slightly from the way you previously handled it for C-suite-level employees.

The significance of business travel may also have an impact on future reservations that you make and don't make. 

An executive assistant travel form or outline could be an excellent place to start for people who are hesitant about planning travel in the present political and economic situation of the world.

What should be on an executive assistant's travel checklist

An executive administrative assistant may verify that everything is prepared for planned business travels for staff members by using a travel checklist. Additionally, it could lessen the worry and difficulty that comes with planning a trip both before and after a pandemic.

1. Gather information for the next trip beforehand

It's crucial to obtain information from the staff person you are in charge of before making any reservations. Whether the CEO you're planning the trip for is a frequent traveler or not, travel has changed during the past few years and will undoubtedly continue to do so. 

You'll need as many specifics as you can, including every last travel detail. Obtaining your executive's travel preferences is also a smart idea. You can make sure the trip runs smoothly both operationally and personally in this way.

2. Prepare a travel schedule

Many executive assistants are familiar with the advantages of a travel plan for all types of travel arrangements. Let's not forget the importance of the executive assistant’s duties to the company and, in particular, to the C-suite personnel who require it. 

An executive assistant will handle nearly one hundred percent of all travel-related tasks, so planning even a basic schedule can help you prevent any stressed-out or frantic phone calls.

To prepare for popular areas filling up owing to increasing demand, many reservations for restaurants and activities will need to be made in advance. Make sure to keep track of reservation numbers, confirm reservations, and clarify hotel check-in timings. 

3. Be ready for updates to the information on safety and travel. 

You should anticipate a lot of fluctuation and last-minute changes to your travel plans that are just out of your control while the travel industry makes its way back to normalcy. 

Plan ahead of time to allow for adjustments, even if you're organizing domestic or international travel or just a rental vehicle. Being adaptable is crucial, something you should emphasize to your executive. 

To the extent possible, it is helpful to contact a travel agency for assistance with any challenging business trips, particularly when it comes to travel insurance. Travel insurance is essential in today's environment where money is tight but everything is figuratively up in the air.

4. Before the Trip, Inform Your Executive or Staff Member.

It's important to brief your executive or staff person before their trip because there will be so much transition and change in the way business travel will function. 

It is crucial that the schedule includes all the person needs for their journey and that they are happy with everything pre-booked and planned. Following a timetable is crucial since many activities won't be able to be spontaneous until COVID-19 is a distant memory. 

In case WIFI is down or the executive can't use their phone, you can give them all the relevant paperwork at this briefing, including printed copies.

In conclusion, all these changes to the world of travel might seem daunting to an executive assistant, but with the help of something like a travel planner this new landscape we are living in will become more manageable, if not easy to navigate.

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