5 Ways Administrative Assistant Training Prepares You For the Real World

March 3, 2022


The life of the administrative worker is a tedious one. They handle all of the subtler aspects of office life. Filing, tidiness, phone traffic, scheduling, payroll functions, and so on all fall under the umbrella of what an administrative assistant has to manage on a daily basis. It generates strong team-leading skills and great organizational habits. Administrative assistant training not only helps you to effectively lead your team by building off of your skills, but it often reflects in your “real world” life. 

Communication Skills from Executive Assistant Training

We all know the old saying. “Communication is key.” While this is a go-to piece of advice for relationships, it couldn’t be any more pertinent to all walks of real life. Getting true executive assistant training will often start with understanding how a company’s phone network functions. Any lapse in communication in the office could lead to a domino effect of mishaps that nobody wants to clean up. Administrative training can help you to communicate more effectively. This is not only true with your coworkers but the skill translates to your everyday life as well!

Administrative Training and Organization

It goes without saying that organization is a key skill to develop for any stage of life. Now, not everyone is going to be focused on digital file keeping and schedule management. Administration training typically focuses on being on top of the filing of a company’s documents and keeping all scheduling needs straight. But now try and think of things around your home and daily life. Important documents saved in cloud storage, physical documents, coupons, and all sorts of things start to pile up. Having the ability to easily navigate these on top of the daily tasks and appointments is a timeless skill. 

Time Management Skills from Your Day Job

We’ve mentioned scheduling. Administrative assistant training will have a large focus on understanding the moving schedules of each coworker. Sometimes it will be on the assistant to manage their superior’s schedule and get them to their appointments. In your daily life, you will more than likely not have to worry about anyone’s schedule besides your own, unless of course, you have children! Managing your own life schedule alone can be a daunting task because it doesn’t revolve around a shift. Toss kids in and things can easily get crazy. Even from how the morning is managed before starting the day to how the evenings are spent, each minute is up to you to use effectively. 


Teamwork makes the dream work. Executive assistant training wouldn’t be a thing if it only involved solitary tasks. A company is a complex network of associations that need to be working efficiently to guarantee the overall success of each person there. Understanding how to cooperate with a greater team is a key part of everyday life. From your own direct relations to even how you engage with drivers on the road, teamwork is a key aspect of everyday life that can be learned from administration training.


Life can be a juggling act. Office life revolves around a million different parts and so does your daily life. Multitasking is a valuable skill that administrative training can offer that brings everything together. It allows someone to be able to manage and seamlessly weave together a day’s worth of tasks without tangling too many individual knots. Jumping from one task to another can get overwhelming. Keeping the scales balanced will make a world of difference as each of these skills comes together.

How to Learn More

While not everyone will work an administrative position in their life, each of the skills mentioned above is imperative to a well-functioning life. At ASAP, we not only offer great career opportunities. We have many resources readily available for anyone wanting to pick up a few valuable lessons. Check out what we have to offer today!

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