6 Must-have Skills to Become an Admin Olympian—and How to Develop Them

June 30, 2016


1. To think logically and analytically;

2. To work well as part of a diverse team;

3. To go beyond coping with change to initiating change;

4. To handle difficult interpersonal situations;

5. To create a personal brand, and

6. To effectively plan and carry out projects

The big question is how you develop these competencies. They could be learned on the job, to some extent, by observing others or through trial and error. You can certainly read books or attend online courses. But for those of you who learn best through face to face learning and interaction, you’ll want to look for seminars, workshops and conferences that offer an in-person experience. Local seminars offer a cost effective and easy to use learning model. On the other hand, they are usually limited to one topic and you won’t be connecting with a broad peer network.  Conferences like the Administrative Professionals Conference offer you a custom program, in depth experience, broad range of topics and access to peers from across North America and around the world. You’ll find dozens of topics in addition to sessions targeted on those 6 must-have skills:

  1. To think logically and analyticallyattend Mental Fitness: Exercising Your Critical Thinking Skills
  2. To work well as part of a diverse team, attend Breakthrough Collaboration Techniques in a Diverse Workplace
  3. To go beyond coping with change to initiating change, attend How to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone to Create Positive Change
  4. To handle difficult interpersonal situations, attend How to Handle Crucial Conversations with Composure
  5. To create a personal brand, attend LinkedIn Beyond the Profile: Network and Build Your brand Like the Pros
  6. To effectively plan and carry out projects, attend Project Management for the “Unofficial” Project Manager

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