Executive Assistants: How to Manage Passwords Safely With LastPass

October 14, 2021


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Get the security and peace of mind you need as an EA with these tips.

As an executive assistant, being organized and creating effective processes is an important part of your job. While there are many moving parts to your daily task list, some things remain consistent regardless of what you’re working on. 

From the various platforms and accounts you manage, email and inbox management (both your own and for the executive you work for) — accessing it all can all be overwhelming. 

The biggest pain point in juggling so many accounts and logins is setting and remembering that pesky password. As platforms and the brands behind them create more extensive parameters that make up an appropriate password, they become more difficult to memorize, organize, and update accordingly. 

Introducing LastPass. LastPass is a password manager app that generates secure passwords and stores them for you. Each password is encrypted and only accessible by a master password, which should be kept as private as possible.

How Does LastPass Support Executive Assistants?

With the number of login credentials that executive assistant jobs require, LastPass will be your saving grace once you’ve got it set up and imported all your existing passwords (which you should update within the platform). 

LastPass is a free service, but paid versions are available with various upgrades. It’s essential for your day-to-day activities, particularly in providing you peace of mind that your accounts are secure and protected in any event. 

Once you have your new, secure passwords generated and associated with accounts, you’ll never have to remember them again. The next time you go to sign in to an account, LastPass automatically fills in the password for you.

How’s that for security and efficiency?

You can organize your passwords into categories that make them easy to access in a pinch. LastPass is widely available from any browser or device, allows you to export and import passwords, and even enables sharing passwords with other LastPass users - all from within the security of their platform, which you can access at any time. 

Common Password Mistakes 

One common mistake most people make is recycling their existing passwords, which reduces their strength each time they are used. If someone finds that one password, you risk giving them access to every single account associated with that specific password. 

This is a very risky practice with passwords, particularly if you possess other people’s passwords as well, or create accounts for an executive you work for. 

Another common mistake is keeping a written note of all your passwords. While this is what older generations have done - and sure, it worked for them! - times are changing, and with the frequency that you have to change and update passwords, this is really not a practical or realistic way to manage your complex password chains. 

Also, what if you misplace the piece of paper? Then you have no idea if someone has intercepted it or if you’ll ever see it again. The headache of going through every single account and resetting its password is a gigantic waste of time when you could simply trust a password manager to do all the work for you. 

LastPass combats the old-fashioned way of storing passwords to create a more secure digital community for everyone. Protecting your passwords means protecting your personal information, financial and banking credentials, social media accounts, and much more. 

Being vulnerable to online hackers and data breaches is easily avoidable by implementing a password manager app like LastPass. It provides the security and peace of mind that we all need. 

Are you trying to level up your resume as an executive assistant? Explore more cybersecurity advice to arm your business against potential data breaches, protect your passwords, and much more. 

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