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August 4, 2021


Let’s face it, we all go through periods in our jobs when we feel super motivated and other times, well, not-so-super motivated. The ebb and flow of motivation happens to professionals working in any industry sector and at every stage of his/her career. If this rings true to you, don’t despair. You are not alone.

Motivation is a driving force that inspires, guides, and maintains our professional and personal goals. Motivation also causes one to act on those goals with gusto, whether it’s enrolling in a public speaking course to enhance your communication skills or going on a diet to lose weight. Without proper motivation, the quality of one’s work is not at its full potential. Motivation, like the fire in your belly, is a special feeling that helps you to successfully achieve your goals.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”


                                                                              ~ Mark Twain

We may question why some people are more motivated than others. Understand that motivation is driven by many factors: biological, emotional, social, and cognitive. If you were raised in a competitive, do-your-best environment, for example, then it’s likely you will maintain a high level of motivation in anything you set out to do. The good news is we all can improve our motivation and in doing so, increase opportunities for career growth.

When we’re motivated, we feel empowered. If your boss makes you the lead of a high-profile department, you’ll likely feel motivated to do your best and show him/her you are an invaluable asset to the organization.

When thinking about your motivation, it’s also important to recognize what motivates you. We have varying needs and subsequently respond to different motivations. Understanding what motivates you will help you be successful in your job. We tend to be motivated in two ways: intrinsically or extrinsically.


Intrinsic motivation is the kind of behavior that comes from within and fuels you with desire to overcome a challenge, to produce high-quality work, or happily collaborate with team members. As an example, an employee working at an organization whose mission is to cure childhood cancer is likely intrinsically motivated.

Conversely, extrinsic motivation is when your goals are driven by external factors. Extrinsic motivators may include salary, bonuses, pay raises, paid time off, social recognition, or praise.

Remember not to confuse your job responsibilities with motivation. We are responsible to keep ourselves motivated and learn new, compelling sides of our profession. Motivation is a large part of doing what you love and loving what you do. When you’re passionate about your work, you will naturally look to improve your skills, and intrinsic motivation will lead the way.

Motivation is what pushes us to achieve our goals, feel more fulfilled, and improve our overall well-being. Without proper motivation, the quality of our work will fall beneath our potential. Follow these proven steps to ramp up your motivation and generate a higher quality of job performance and success.

Set Realistic Goals
There’s nothing more daunting (and unmotivating!) than to set lofty goals and objectives with an unreasonable deadline. Yes, it’s important to believe in yourself and “shoot for the stars,” but do it in a way that is manageable and achievable. When you break down your goal into bite-size targets, you will not only achieve your objective but do so with quality and skill.

Believe in Yourself
Sometimes we can be our worst enemy, listening to that inner voice that is crushing our confidence. I’m living proof that anything is possible if you believe in yourself. And don’t let those naysayers play havoc on your confidence. Come up with a workable strategy and do it.

Take Care of You
Sometimes revving up your motivation requires a bit of self-care. When you feel burnout setting in, use it as a signal to engage in quality time for you. Take a walk, lunch with a friend, treat yourself to a massage. A little “me time” goes a long way to boost motivation.

This may see counterintuitive as admins are known for their excellent ability to prioritize. However, if you find yourself sluggish in the motivation department, it may be because you are procrastinating (for whatever reason). Examine your to-do list and tackle the more meaningful work first. This approach won’t zap your mental energy, rather ignite it. You can then tackle the more mundane tasks more efficiently and productively.

Pat Yourself on the Back

Celebrate your wins and acknowledge your hard work. This strategy will not only fuel your motivation, but it also will grow your confidence and encourage you to keep achieving success.

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