Road Warriors’ Secrets for Easier and More Efficient Business Travel

July 30, 2015


  • “ I swear by Ziploc bags in all sizes—not only for cosmetics and toiletries but also vitamins, dirty clothes, things I collect as I travel. I’ve even seen someone with a gigantic bag that holds a child’s car seat!”
  • “Lay out the clothes you plan to take, then get ruthless and subtract a third. Figure on three tops for every bottom piece you take, no more than three pairs of shoes (including those you wear), and only items that go with at least two other things. Stuff the shoes with socks or other small items. Pack monochromatic neutral outfits—grays, blacks, camel, navy …then add pizazz with scarves and jewelry or other accessories.”
  • “Roll, roll, roll your clothes, gently in your bag. LOL. Rolled clothes take up less space—and they often wrinkle less as well. If you have easily wrinkled or special items, fold them around a thin plastic dry cleaner’s bag or tissue paper. “
  • “I am never without a scarf in my carry on. I use it for warmth, as a pillow, and to dress up an outfit.”
  • “Do not, DO NOT carry full sized bottles, jars or cans of toiletries. You can find everything in smaller sizes nowadays. There’s even a web site just for travel sizes with brand name products including cosmetics and scents and a number of product lines for men. ”
  • “I maximize my carry on by taking a tote bag that my handbag fits into. I alsohave a tote bag that is always packed with headphones, ear plugs, a sleep mask, sanitizer, lip balm, moisturizer, electronics chargers, mints, mouthwash, tissues and other essentials like protein bars.”
  • “Carry a multiple outlet plug so that outlet in your hotel room will accommodate more than one charger.”
  • “Ditch those heavy old suitcases that either don’t have wheels or only have two wheels. Today’s lighter weight “spinners” make life so much easier. Easier on your back, too!”
  • “I carry several devices that require charging; I love my surge protector with a built in USB device and multiple charging outlets.”
  • “ Planes run full most of the time now. If you find that most of the seats show on the website as taken, call the airline. No luck? Then call again three days before you leave, 24 hours before you leave and ask again at the counter. Seats will typically open up as it gets closer to the flight when frequent flyers upgrade and as reserved seats are released. To see which seats are best, go to,”

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