The Rule of 5: Must-Know Productivity Techniques for Executive Assistants

February 28, 2022


Productivity Techniques for Executive Assistants

The rule of five was originally created to serve as a series of five things that business professionals should accomplish each and every day. Since then, the rule of five has evolved into one of the most crucial productivity techniques that business professionals everywhere should implement into their daily lives. This simple time management technique currently helps people take control of their time while boosting productivity. The best part? You are the one who decides what each of these five things are!

When it comes to the rule of five, there is a simple formula one may follow in order to bolster their time management and productivity. This formula, like the rule of five, consists of five steps. Due to the fact that the rule of five has five steps, you’ll want to consider each step and how they work together to create success and boost productivity. Here, in this article, you will find some inspiration to create your own rule of five! Let’s get started.

  1. Pre-Work Routine

Whether you work from home or step into the office every day, you want to be prepared for what the day has in store for you. This is why having a morning/pre-work routine that preps you for your workday while simultaneously benefitting your personal life is so critical. For instance, ask yourself how much you accomplish before work. Do you log on knowing that you’ve already accomplished something that day? Starting work knowing that you’ve done something beneficial to you that focuses on your mental or physical health can work wonders as you go about your day. This may include going for a walk, jogging, working out, or doing anything that you enjoy. The options are limitless!

  1. Logging On

When you log in for work, you want to be sure that all of your tasks, duties, assignments, projects, etc. are lined up for the day. An unorganized work schedule can lead to chaos. Implement some sort of schedule into your routine. This can even include checking your email, messaging coworkers, checking your LinkedIn, having your coffee ready, you name it! All that logging on boils down to is ensuring that you’re ready for the day and that your work is carefully and articulately mapped out ahead of time. So, be sure that in addition to your pre-work routine, you have a system in place for when you log on that essentially “activates” you for the workday. 

  1. Aiming High

So what if you just got that big project done? Use your executive assistant tools to map out what you have coming up and be proactive! With so many tools at your disposal to manage your time and boost productivity, why shouldn’t you start that next project after you finish the first? Always aim high, and be proactive when working. This can mean a number of things: emailing your executive to check in, checking in with clients, getting ahead of next week’s work, etc. Ultimately, you want to aim for the stars if you want to land on the moon. 

  1. Logging Off

When you log off, always be sure that your ducks are in a row. Clean your workstation, check your email, message your executive/ coworkers, wrap up any work that you want to put off until tomorrow, etc. When you log off, you should be able to confidently say: “I gave it my all today, and the results speak for themselves.” 

  1. Post-Work Routine

Have a treat! You earned it! Ensuring that your mindset is where it needs to be is critical when it comes to everything that an executive assistant has to juggle. One of the greatest productivity techniques is investing some time into ensuring that your mindset is where it needs to be. This can mean making your favorite meal, reading, watching that new series on Netflix, hitting the gym, walking the dog, etc. Just be sure that after work, you not only do something that is productive, but something that encourages good mental and physical health. You’ll thank yourself later! 

Ready to Learn More About Executive Assistant Tools?

Now that you’ve laid the groundwork and understand which parts of your day require what, it’s time to aim even higher. For executive assistants who want to learn new productivity techniques, or find new executive assistant tools, be sure to check out ASAP. The American Society of Administrative Professionals is dedicated to helping business professionals such as yourself create better work and personal habits each and every day. It’s time to show your executive the extent of how to use a personal assistant to their fullest potential!  

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