Tips for Executive Assistants to Thrive in Performance Evaluations

December 20, 2021


Whether your company performs quarterly, bi-yearly, or annual executive assistant performance reviews, you can be prepared with some straightforward tips that will help you grow your career and skill set. 

Different organizations have different objectives and expectations for their executive assistant performance goals, and it’s imperative to assess how your management team functions to ace your next performance review. 

ASAP’s goal is to empower executive assistants with some tips so that they’re prepared before their evaluation is even scheduled.

Identify Objectives and Tangible Goals with Realistic Time Frames

Goals for performance reviews vary by organization, management style, and the demands of your position. By identifying your daily, weekly, and monthly objectives, you can demonstrate your value and show how you have not only managed your duties at a high level, you have learned and taken on new responsibilities and roles to help the organization run smoothly.

When you can provide a scope for what you’re doing as well as what you plan on doing to increase your productivity, one of the best ways to enhance your performance is to utilize technology to stay on schedule and make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

New technologies have transformed the workplace and the nature of both remote and in-person meetings. Identify new technology that can allow you to manage meeting minutes more efficiently and develop more efficient lines of communication across platforms and departments.

Have Feedback and Question Prepared in Advance

Once you are confident that you are performing your role at the highest level, the next step before a performance review is to prepare feedback for your management team prior to your evaluation. Feedback should remain constructive and positive and highlight ways to improve workplace efficiency. It should not include personal opinions or complaints, which would be handled more appropriately through an HR department.

Having your feedback ready before your executive assistant performance review allows you to stay calm and confident, which will, in turn, prove to your management team that you bring this same level of preparation to work every day. 

An added benefit of being prepared ahead of time is that it shows your dedication to the role and critical thinking skills, which will help them identify you as roles expand and positions for advancement open up. 

Be Prepared to Answer Spontaneously 

In addition to having your feedback prepared in advance, you also need to be ready to feel put on the spot during your performance review. When this happens, it’s essential to remain calm and answer honestly without casting a negative light on either the organization, management team, or your performance.  

It can feel uncomfortable to answer impromptu questions regarding your performance. Still, when you know that you’re bringing your A-game to work every day, you can rest assured that these situations are typically performed to judge your quick thinking and analytical skills. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or content either, as these can be important considerations for answering with a clear perspective and honest angle.

Performance evaluations are an essential part of executive assistant growth and are an opportunity to highlight your skills including;

  • Dedication
  • Merit
  • Critical thinking skills

Remember that executive assistant performance evaluations are not punishment but a valuable way for management and executive assistants to maintain and build a mutually beneficial professional relationship.

Avoid generic phrases about your role and try to display your specific daily roles and your growth plans.

Keep ongoing notes about your performance, duties, and helpful feedback to stay one step ahead of your next performance review. ASAP wants to help you reach new heights with your executive assistant career. Explore our resources today to discover how you can reach your full working potential.

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