Top Strategies for Supporting Multiple Managers

November 1, 2022


An ever-greater numbers of admins are now supporting multiple managers. Often, this is a result of managers taking on a larger share of their own tasks and a resulting decrease in the number of admins. Whether you’ve been working with multiple managers for years, or are just now assuming that responsibility, here are some of the top strategies to help you successfully navigate this demanding role.  

Schedule an initial meeting 
Do this with each manager. This allows you to get to know them and learn each one’s expectations of your work. You’ll also want to review the performance measures you’ll be judged on—because each manager may use a somewhat different set of parameters. Afterward, arrange for daily or weekly meetings to review your workload.  

Learn each manager’s style  
Does one manager like to communicate via email and another prefer face-to-face interactions? Are some slow and grouchy in the morning, while others are energized and accomplish their best work before noon? Does one value speed and another perfection? To successfully help each manager, you’ll need to adjust your approach to theirs. 

Treat each manager with respect  
When you support multiple managers, inevitably, you’ll work more easily with some than with others. It’s vital that you put any differences you may feel aside and do the best job possible for each one.  

Create a calendar of priorities  

Share this calendar with all your managers so everyone understands your workload, your priorities, and the tasks needed to accomplish each project. Include start/finish times for assignments to help prevent scheduling snafus. You want everyone to see at a glance what’s on your plate.

Do the most senior manager’s work first  
Should a conflict of priorities arise between two managers of the same seniority, have them work out the issue. Then, make your other managers aware of the matter so they’re not blindsided.   

Plan your time  
When you work with multiple managers, it’s vital to know whose projects are most urgent (aside from those of senior managers). Additionally, you should aim to get at least some work done for each of them each day. This requires super-organizational skills and the ability to push back as needed. Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed and run yourself ragged.   

Enjoy benefits  
The advantage of working with multiple managers includes the opportunity to work with several leaders on different facets of the business, as well as the extra bonus of having bosses who will encourage and support your career development! 


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