Work-Life Balance: How You're Thinking About It Wrong

November 28, 2022


The words "work" and "life" sit on either side of a fulcrum, trying to balance one another.
Finding a work-life balance is more than just clocking out when the work day is done.

Work-life balance is a highly-discussed topic in the professional world right now. It’s becoming more apparent that overworking poses negative effects for both employees and companies alike. While some companies successfully create an environment where work-life balance is prioritized, others miss the mark.

But what exactly is a work-life balance, and how do you know if you’ve achieved it? Work-life balance is thought of as a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but there isn’t just one way to achieve it. Your perspective on work-life balance may be limited. Here’s why.

What is Work Life Balance and How to Create It?

Most of us have been fed a specific model of work that encourages employees to go above and beyond. This model ignores exhaustion, burnout, depletion, and fatigue. It implies that employees should work past their limitations, make their way up the leadership ladder, and work around the clock. 

Of course, most workers become exhausted in the process. This leads to lessened productivity, employee dissatisfaction, and higher turnover rates.

Work life balance suggests something else. This practice encourages employees to carve out more time for their daily lives. It encourages life outside of work. It is about setting boundaries with your employer. 

Work life balance is about working on the schedule, not around the clock. 

Instead, this model encourages employees to rest, recharge, and come back to work refreshed. As a result, companies can expect increased productivity, employee satisfaction, and an attractive bottom line.

The Cultural Misconception of Work-Life Balance

Work life balance is not just something to be achieved. But rather, it is a value that must be continuously practiced. It’s something employees and companies must work to implement on a daily, weekly, monthly, and year-round basis. Proper work-life balance isn’t just a one-time deal. It must be sewn into the fabric of a company’s culture.

Finding Jobs With the Best Work Life Balance: How to Find it and Practice It

How do employees find jobs with the best work life balance? Not only this but what does work-life balance look like in practice? 

For Companies

For companies, this means creating a culture where employees are heard. Is upper management checking in with team members to see how they’re doing? Is it frowned upon, or encouraged when employees take mental health days? Are workers encouraged to speak their minds, set boundaries, and do their jobs successfully in the meantime?

For Employees

For employees, this means knowing your limits. While it’s sometimes necessary to go above and beyond for work, you shouldn’t do so at the expense of your health. It’s important to take days off and take breaks in order to lessen the chance of burnout. 

For instance, are you taking time to pause during the day? Are you eating lunch? Do you feel pressured to work more hours than you’re able to? These are signs it’s time to prioritize work-life balance.

Work-life balance also includes the resurgence of quiet-quitting, a trend in which employees only work as scheduled. 

Employees should make it a habit to pause, slow down, and limit stressors when possible. Working past company hours is sometimes important, but it shouldn’t become the norm.

Careers That Prioritize Work Life Balance

Overall, work-life balance is something to practice and implement in your everyday life. There are careers that support a healthy work-life balance, too. Administrative professionals and executive assistants often work remotely and can build their own schedules. This is just another reason to choose a career as an administrator.

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