Eureka! Award Winners

Eureka! Award Recipients

March 13, 2019


2018 Award Recipient

Stephanie Powley

Seer Interactive

crop.crop.apc19-keynote-photo.jpg.standard-featured-image.800x320.jpg.thumbnail.150x150.jpegStephanie Powley is an EA and Office Manager at Seer Interactive’s headquarters in Philadelphia but she their San Diego office remotely. She wanted to come up with a way to "be" in San Diego, without ACTUALLY being there. And so, she created "Steph Bot" using Zoom Rooms on a push cart – with a TV, laptop, and a tablet so that meetings can happen anywhere in the office. A simple idea, that allowed Stephanie to open the lines of communication, streamline office requests, and most importantly, build rapport.

2017 Award Recipient

Stacy Williamson

U.S. AFRICOM, U.S. Department of Defense

crop.2017.jpg.thumbnail.150x150.jpegMany of the awards being distributed by the Defense Intelligence Agency were arriving well after the employee had already departed the agency, or months after their achievement. Stacy devised a solution that streamlined award distribution and lowered processing time from 90 days to just 30.

2016 Award Recipient

Beth Ann Howard

Department of Political Science at the University of Richmond

crop.2016.jpg.thumbnail.150x150.jpegUsing a web program her colleagues were already familiar with, Beth took an incredibly tedious and time-consuming process and simplified it via a fully cloud-based system on her own. Her initiative now allows the department's tenure and promotion portfolios to be accessed online from anywhere with an internet connection.

2015 Award Recipient

April Stallworth

Niles Township High Schools - District 219

crop.2015.jpg.thumbnail.150x150.jpegAfter finding a lack of time and opportunity for networking, training and communication for herself and her colleagues, April created the H.E.A.R.T. initiative. This program’s mission provides professional development, communication channels, networking opportunities, resources and coaching that will help all Administrative Support Professionals to excel, lead, and grow!

American Society of Administrative Professionals

Producer of

APCEA Summit  EA Ignite