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Funmi Dosunmu, the spirited voice behind SixFigureEA, leverages her deep knowledge as a remote executive assistant to inspire and guide others. Originating from a rich tapestry of experiences, she intertwines insights from her professional realm with her personal life. This combination of professional wisdom and personal authenticity makes her a captivating figure in the digital space.

Her fervor for sharing career opportunities and insights is evident in her TikTok account where she shares remote executive assistant roles, gives career advice, and slips in a peek into her everyday life. Funmi's innovative perspective, expertise, and heartfelt commitment shine in all she offers, and she has a unique knack for demystifying the world of executive assistance, making her a go-to source for many.

Transitioning a new executive assistant (EA) into the role is crucial for organizational success. This handbook provides a comprehensive guide to

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