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Jessica McBride, the dynamic force behind Tech Savvy Assistant, uses her decade-long experience in administration to empower others with technological efficiency. Hailing from Texas and now settled outside Toronto, Ontario, Jessica has seamlessly blended her Texan grit and Canadian resilience to form a unique leadership style. This blend of assertiveness and compassion, along with her global perspective, makes her an influential figure in her field.

Her passion for teaching and technology shines through her commitment to simplify administrative roles by harnessing technological tools. With a diverse portfolio of speaking events, workshops, personalized coaching, and support, she has the uncanny ability to simplify complex technological concepts, making her a sought-after speaker and educator.

Jessica's innovative approach, expertise, and dedication to her work are apparent in all that she does. To learn more about her and her services at Tech Savvy Assistant, visit Connect with Jessica McBride today, and uncover the transformative potential of technology in administration.

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