Sandy Geroux

We all need reminders of our value occasionally. This sentiment came up often at a recent event, and it reminded me how little validation we

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A common myth about leadership in organizations is that it is based on positional power and the ability to compel others to act. While positional

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What if there was a car that anticipated your needs and closed the gap between sensing a needed action and beginning the required reaction? Would you

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Have you ever caught anyone (or even yourself!) saying, “They’re just an admin!”? If you’ve ever wondered how you can have more influence and… Read More
Following this webinar, you will:  Recognize the absolute necessity and benefit of taking appropriate risks in business and life. Identify and… Read More
Are you looking to take your career to the next level? Do you want your job to be personally fulfilling while you serve your organization to your… Read More
'Learn It On-Demand!' Webinar  It can be daunting to be in a leadership role as an administrative professional, especially when you are not… Read More

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